Get smart going solar.

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Saving money 101: the solar way.

If we could bet on electricity prices going up, we would.

But the beauty of solar is, you’ll know what your rates will be for 20 years. Reread that last sentence. 20 years. You save money because you’ll never have to pay more when your current utility’s rates increase.

How does solar save you money?

How much can you save?

You save when you pay a rate for electricity lower than what you pay to your utility. Every time your utility raises rates, your solar rates will still be locked in.

How much you'll save will be specific to you. If utility rates continue to increase as they have historically, the average Sunrun customer is expected to save thousands on electricity bills over the life of the Sunrun agreement.* The best way to find out how much you'll save is a quick phone call.

Is Solar Right for Your Home?

Meet our best salespeople – our customers.

"I base my happiness on the bill that comes in from PG&E every month. That’s been beautiful."

Pat W, Castro Valley, California
Customer since 2010

*Based on Sunrun customer agreements signed in Q4 2012, compared to then current average electricity rates and projected rate increases published and analyzed by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (“EIA”) (, Clean Power Research.

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