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Go solar with Sunrun and save 20%

Want to save with the sun? Here's what to expect when you sign up to save with Sunrun solar

When you go solar with Sunrun, we can save you money right off the bat by giving you a low, predictable rate that is less than what you currently pay to your utility. We expect that you will continue to save as utility rates go up, and the cost of going solar with Sunrun will stay the same or increase only a little bit, depending on the product you choose.

Think your utility rates are going down anytime soon? Historical data tells us that they’ll keep going up.* Just think, whenever the power company raises their rates on everyone else, you can smile and pat yourself on the shoulder for making the smart choice to go solar with Sunrun.

Electricity rates continue to rise. In 2015, some are set to increase by more than 5%. Learn more about rising electricity rates.

Sunrun customers save 20% on overall electricity costs. How much will you save? 

It’s hard to say without knowing where you live, what utility sells you electricity, how much electricity you use, and how well your solar system performs. But we do know this: our customers often see some pretty significant savings even in their first year after going solar. Want a personalized estimate on how much cash you could save? Just give us a call or click here and we’ll be happy to tell you. Have some additional questions about how Sunrun solar savings works? Check out our frequently asked savings questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Sunrun customers save 20% on their electricity bill—so how do we get to that 20%?

First, we looked at all of the customers we serve across the country who went solar through September 15, 2014 and calculated how much they will pay us for the electricity our solar systems produce over a 20-year period. Next, we determined how much it would cost those customers to purchase that same amount of electricity from their local utility, assuming utility rates increase 3.5% per year. We compared the two numbers, and based on these assumptions, found that approximately two-thirds of our customers will save at least 20% by going solar with Sunrun. 

It is important to note that when we do these calculations, we don’t take product type into account; all our customers get averaged together. If you purchase a solar system or sign up for a prepaid agreement, you could save even more, and if you sign up for a low-upfront agreement, you might save a little less. We also don’t control for geography; customers in one utility service area might save more than customers in another. In addition, we always assume you'll use the same amount of power you are buying from the utility today in order to keep the comparison apples-to-apples. If you use more power than you are using today, your savings could change.  

For all these reasons, our 20% claim is just an estimate. Your actual savings will vary depending on several factors, including how you pay us (we prefer automatic debit), system production, geography, weather, shade, electricity usage, and utility rate structures and rate increases.


  • What information is considered when we calculate your personal solar savings estimate?

Ready to get a solar savings estimate? Great! First, we analyze how much electricity you consume and how much you currently pay your utility for that power. Then we design a system for you, based on the specific characteristics of your roof and geography, and we determine how much power that system will produce over time. Then we calculate what your electricity rate from Sunrun will be, based on the agreement type you choose, and we use that number to determine how much you will pay Sunrun. We compare that to the amount you would pay the utility for the same amount of power (assuming utility rates increase 3.5% per year), and we tell you how much we think you will save. Whew! It’s a lot to evaluate, but it helps us ensure your savings estimate is as accurate as possible.

How much you’ll save by going solar is different from the couple down the street, and the family of six across town. So, when calculating your personal savings estimate we take into account your family’s unique energy consumption, which depends on your lifestyle and savings goals. A family with three teenagers versus a retired couple will most likely have a very different savings estimate.


  • Congrats! You’re a Sunrun customer. do you know you’re saving?

Once your Sunrun solar is up and running, here is how we can calculate your savings:

  • First, we determine how much electricity you used in a given period by looking at your utility bill and how much your Sunrun solar system produced. You'll need to have your utility bills handy for this step.
  • Then, using your utility bill and your Sunrun bill, we calculate how much you paid the utility and Sunrun for the electricity you used. 
  • Then we calculate how much you would have paid the utility if you had purchased all of that electricity just from the utility.
  • The difference between these two numbers is your savings!


Did you know 20% savings could amount to $15,000 in 20 years?


How much will you save with Sunrun solar?

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