Make energy with Sunrun. Use less of it with Nest.

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Go Solar with Sunrun & get a Nest Learning Thermostat

You got a Nest thermostat and watched your energy bills drop. Go solar with Sunrun and start saving today.

  • Lock in electricity costs – no more surprise rate hikes
  • Save 20% on your energy bill*
  • Get started for $0 to little down

Go Solar and Save

Getting started is as easy as saying, "I'm going solar!"

Our helpful staff is standing by to check if your home is a good fit for solar.
Our helpful staff is standing by to check if your home is a good fit for solar. Fill out this form or call us directly. 1-855-478-6786

Fill out this form or call us directly.


Giving the sun a nice place to shine.

Cleaner air, less CO2 and never having to hear your kids ask, “Aww Mom and Dad, why’d you jack our planet?"

How Sunrun works

We offer a guaranteed rate for your electricity.

  1. We buy the system and have it installed on your roof.
  2. You pay a low monthly fee for your electricity.
  3. It generates power for you – with rates that are locked in.

Free Consultation

The first thing we want to know is how much are you spending on electricity? The bigger your monthly utility bill, the more solar makes sense. Then we check out where you live, the position of your roof to the sun and your roof's condition. We'll also look for steep pitches or if large trees are shading areas that are good for panels. If there's nothing between your roof and the sun, you're good to go.

Quality Installation

If solar is right for you, we'll custom design the most efficient solar system for your home. And with our rigorous installation standards, you know your install will be professional and hassle-free. Sunrun and our network of certified installation partners build a solar system every ten minutes.

Flexible Payment Options

Your financial situation is different from the couple down the street. And the family of 6 across town.
So we give you a choice of payment options: Go solar for $0 down, make low monthly payments or you can buy your system right out from under us.

Guaranteed Performance

We guarantee your system's performance from the second it's up and running and for the next 20 years. And we take care of everything—from monitoring its production, to fixing a glitch, to replacing any parts.

Real people really happy about real big savings.

"Before we had solar, I would think every time I touched the thermostat, "how much is this going to cost me?" With solar, I just make sure that our family is comfortable."

Linda C, Clovis, California
Customer since 2009

*Nest Promotion Details

Residents of the State of Hawaii are not eligible to participate in this promotion.

By participating in this promotion, the Participant agrees to the terms of the Q2 2015 Nest® Offer Promotion and to the Nest® Promotional Offer General Terms and Conditions (the “Offer Terms and Conditions”) which constitute the entire understanding and agreement between Sunrun and Participant and supersede all other agreements, whether written or oral. All capitalized terms not defined herein, shall have the meaning ascribed in the Offer Terms and Conditions.

Promotional Period: The Promotional Period shall run from April 1, 2015 to the earlier of (i) June 30, 2015 at 11:59 p.m or (ii) such date when this promotion reaches 2,000 Participants.

Offer Reward: Each eligible Participant household will receive one Nest Learning Thermostat™ (the “Offer Reward”).  Offer limited to one Nest Learning Thermostat™ per household.  The Offer Reward shall be issued 4 to 8 weeks after (i) design is complete and installation has begun on the Participant’s solar facility (to be determined by Sunrun, in its sole discretion) and (ii) confirmation is received that Participant’s Sunrun accounts are in good standing as defined in the Sunrun Customer Agreement.  

Installation of and accessories related to the Offer Reward are not included. Units may not be returned to Sunrun or exchanged for cash. Sunrun makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Nest®, Nest Learning Thermostat™ and the Nest® logo are trademarks or service marks of Nest Labs, Inc. 

To find out if your home is ready for the Nest Learning Thermostat™, use the compatibility checker at

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