Go solar with Sunrun and the Home Depot

You’ve invested a lot in your home. It’s time to let it return the favor.

Going solar is simple and saves you money and we’re excited you want to learn more from us. As a Home Depot customer, you know where to come when you’re improving your home. That’s why we partnered with The Home Depot to bring you the ultimate home improvement project—Sunrun solar.

Take control of your electric bill with Sunrun solar

Switching to solar protects you against rising costs, hidden fees, and surprise rate hikes. You can get started for as little as $0 upfront.

  • Save money on your electric bill with Sunrun solar*.
  • Lock in long-term savings you can count on. Homeowners may total $20,000 in savings over 20 years.
  • No need to worry about potential maintenance and repairs with Sunrun—we stand behind all of our solar products and services with the best warranties in the industry on our workmanship, installed panels and equipment.

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