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Former NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Goes Solar With Sunrun

Scott Kelly talks about his unique perspective of the Earth, solar energy, and his twin brother's big Senate win



Unparalleled View Of Earth

When you look at Earth from space, you realize just how vulnerable life is on this planet. During my first mission in 1999 to fix the Hubble Space Telescope, I remember passing over South America and being awed by the sheer size of the Amazon rainforest and thinking about the ecosystem’s diverse biological life. On my last mission in 2016, the Amazon was nearly unrecognizable after years of burning and clearcutting. After seeing the Earth dramatically change from this unique perspective, I firmly believe that solving climate change is the moonshot of the 21st century and that many of the tools and resources that I used on my missions, like solar panels and rechargeable storage batteries, are the answer to our problems here on Earth.” - Scott Kelly


scott kelly solar

Scott’s History with Solar

"The International Space Station is powered entirely by solar energy. It uses eight giant solar arrays that collect energy from the sun and stores it in batteries to operate all of its systems. The batteries are critical so that when you’re on the dark side of the earth, you still have energy. And for the last 20 years, it’s worked great."- Scott Kelly

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Why Scott’s Going Solar Now

"After relying on solar energy entirely during my last two trips to the International Space Station, I decided to put solar panels on my home in Colorado. I wanted energy from the Sun powering my house instead of any other source -- especially fossil fuel. The Sun has been the most reliable power source for the last four and a half billion years. It is the most important source of energy we have ever had and will ever have, and I am happy to take advantage of it here on earth." - Scott Kelly

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Why Scott Went Solar With Sunrun

"I decided to go with Sunrun because it had a great reputation for providing solar power here in Colorado where I live, but also nationwide. And of course you want to work with a company that has a great reputation and track history of doing a great job."  - Scott Kelly

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Scott On Twin Brother Mark Kelly Going To The Senate And Why Truth Is Needed Now More Than Ever

"My twin brother Mark Kelly is going to represent the state of Arizona in Congress as a U.S. Senator. You know in Arizona, climate change is an issue for all of us, but in a state like Arizona it gets very very hot. At some point it could become uninhabitable if we don’t do something about it. So, it is one of the biggest national security threats to our future, and our future way of life. I’m happy that someone like my brother who is a science-minded person believes in fact, and data, and science, and looking at things in an objective way versus what we often see today- which is people being skeptical about stuff that in the past was considered the truth. For some reason now we are in this post truth world and I think we need to get back to reality here and I think he will help do that." - Scott Kelly

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Our 21st Century Moonshot

"From space, you don’t see political borders -- only humanity as a whole. We’re facing one of the greatest challenges in the history of mankind, but we are a very capable and resilient species, and we can meet this challenge by leveraging solar power and new advances in battery storage. This is our generation’s moonshot, and we need to rise to the challenge." - Scott Kelly

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