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The Sunrun Plan

Power Life on Your Terms

Get the latest in solar & battery technology – without the costs of ownership

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25-year guarantee on all equipment and maintenance with 24/7 monitoring

No debt or upfront costs with locked-in, affordable payments 

Backed by the nation’s #1 home solar & battery installer

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Why subscribe to solar?

Learn more about how the Sunrun Solar Plan can modernize the way you power your home

Make the switch to solar

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Solar Power

Unlock abundant energy

Power your home and more, with reliable, affordable energy from the sun

1hr1 yr

The amount of solar energy hitting the earth in one hour could power the world for an entire year

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Battery Storage

Power when you need it most

Power your home and more, with clean, reliable, affordable energy from the sun


Increase in major power outages in 2021 versus the average prior 20 years

Sunrun Plan Subscription

What's Included


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Premium Solar System

Our premium monocrystalline panels are higher efficiency with superior aesthetics. We guarantee their energy production for the life of your contract.

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Powerful Battery Storage


Our batteries are made by the most reputable brands in the industry. We repair or replace them at no cost if they're not performing to standard.


25-Year Coverage
All our equipment is fully warrantied and has complete service coverage for 25 years. We cover any repairs or replacements over the entire course of your agreement.
24/7 System Monitoring
Our best-in-class monitoring technology proactively informs us of possible issues, so your system can operate at peak performance.
Expert Installation
We're the most experienced installer of home solar and battery systems in America. We back that up with our roof penetration guarantee that our work is watertight for a full decade.
Dedicated Support
Every customer receives dedicated support from initial design to powering on your system. We'll walk you through every step and provide email updates on your project's progress.
100% full service coverage
Equipment replacement guarantee
Energy production guarantee
Transferability guaranteed if you sell your home
10-year watertight roof guarantee
Alternative financing options

In addition to the Sunrun Plan subscription, we offer cash and loan options through your solar concierge after system reservation.

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“It’s so easy… Sunrun comes in, puts in the panels, puts in the battery, takes care of everything, and the price you pay for your electricity is going to end up being cheaper than what you get from the utility.”


Honolulu, HI

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“It’s convenient, we don’t have to worry about it. Sunrun monitors it for us. If anything happens they will come out and fix it so we like that part.”


Litchfield Park, AZ

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“We looked outside and, sure enough, everything was off. Everyone’s power, no street lights, nothing. They were all out of power except for us!”


Corona, CA

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“The whole process was quick, easy, painless, and we did almost nothing… The next thing we knew, it was on our roof and working.”


West Orange, NJ

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Steps to go solar


Shop online

Browse, build, and price your system online in seconds


Confirm your system

Secure your system’s equipment with $0 down


Design and install

Finalize your roof design and coordinate installation with a dedicated Solar Concierge

How to get started

Start your solar journey

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Customize your system online
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Chat online with a Solar Concierge
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Talk live with a Solar Concierge


Adding a battery to your system will let you keep the lights on, the wifi running, and the food fresh during a power outage. Your battery charges from the excess energy your solar panels produce during the day. At the time of an outage, it automatically kicks into action to power up to eight circuits (i.e., breakers) you select at installation.

Most essentials can be backed up with a battery, but certain large appliances like HVAC units require a lot of power and are therefore not available to be backed up with a single battery. Talk to your installer about the best circuits to back up based on your needs.

Many utilities offer a way to sell solar energy back to the grid. This is called net metering. Net metering allows customers to send generated power back to the grid and receive credits they can use toward usage at other times of the day, month, or year. Check with your local utility to see if they have a net metering program available or speak to a Sunrun sales representative for more information.

From the initial reservation, the installation process can take anywhere from 30 to 120 days. Timing can vary due to local permitting timelines and the ultimate scope of the project.

The actual installation is quick with most Sunrun installations completed in 1-2 days.

Before our crew comes to your house, it takes several weeks to prepare your project so that you have the smoothest installation day possible. We’ll do the preparation work for you whenever possible, and we’ll keep you updated along the way.

Here’s what we’ll do:

Conduct a site survey to look at your roof, attic and electrical panel

Finalize your custom design

Apply for permits and wait for approval

Collect other necessary approvals and documentation that is specific to your neighborhood (such as HOA approval)

When it comes time to install the system, we’ll let you know how long the construction process will take for your home and what you can do to prepare.

If it’s time to replace your roof, we’ll temporarily remove your solar panels. Our local Sunrun branches are available to remove and later reinstall the panels for a fee. You’ll simply need to reach out to Customer Care for a quote. Once you’ve approved the quote, our local branch will reach out to find the best time. If possible, we ask for 45 days notice for this kind of project.

With a Sunrun Plan, you won’t need to start paying until your panels are installed, activated, and producing energy for your home. Payment is set up once you finalize your design with our Solar Concierge.

For no added fee, Sunrun makes it easy to transfer your Sunrun Plan to a new owner. Our team of Service Transfer Specialists handles everything from educating realtors and potential buyers to working with escrow officers, title agents, home inspectors, and anyone else who might need to know about your system or solar agreement.

Your panels are stronger than most roofs, but sometimes they do get damaged during big weather events. With the Sunrun Plan, we cover any damages or repairs so you can rest easy knowing that your system will always be working. We monitor system performance and take care of the service and maintenance for you.

Your personal Solar Concierge can work with you to help determine how your electrical bills might change with solar. They look at factors like your local utility, how much electricity you use, and how much sunlight your home gets during the day. We’ll only recommend solar if it’s the right fit for your roof, home energy needs, and lifestyle.

After placing a reservation, your personal Solar Concierge will refine your system configuration, design the system to fit your roof, and make sure your purchase works for your home and energy needs.

Yes, you will still get a utility bill. You will remain connected to the grid in order to send the excess solar energy you don’t use back to your utility and, depending on your utility’s policy, receive bill credits. You would use those credits and any additional electricity from your utility when the sun isn’t shining or when you’ve used all of your battery power.

No. With the Sunrun Plan, we do the tax credit paperwork ourselves and help pass the savings to you immediately through our competitive monthly pricing and full-service offering.