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Where is Sunrun available in Massachusetts?

Find out how easy it is to go solar with Sunrun and save on your electric bills.

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Sunrun Massachusetts Utilities

Sunrun is available in most of Massachusetts, and works with many major utilities in the state. See the list of utilities that Sunrun works with below.

Going Solar and Staying Connected

When you go solar with Sunrun in Massachusetts, you stay connected to the utility grid. This allows you to make the most of the electricity your panels produce by net metering your solar power. When your panels generate more power than your home needs, the excess is sent into the utility grid. You receive credit for this power, which then offsets future purchases of electricity from the grid. This lowers your utility bills and maximizes the benefits of your solar system.

Utility Company Phone Number Online
National Grid 800-322-3223 GreenUp Renewable Energy Program
Eversource Energy 800-286-2000 Eversource REsidential
Western Mass. Electric (WMECO) 888-783-6616 WMECO Solar Energy
Unitil 888-301-7700 Unitil Renewable Energy Generation/a>