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Maryland Solar Companies

Find out how easy it is to go solar with Sunrun and save on your electric bills.

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Sunrun systems designed and installed by Sunrun and local solar companies in Maryland

In Maryland, Sunrun designs and installs its solar systems. How's that for peace of mind? The companies we work with are more than just solar installers – they are true partners. They'll be here with Sunrun to provide excellent service throughout your 20-year relationship.

We’ve teamed up with leading local solar installers, which means we’re not only bringing clean energy to the state, we’re helping to create thousands of green-collar jobs!

Learn more about solar panel installation, and see what happens during an installation. 

solar energy solar installers

Solar Energy World

Solar Energy World, LLC, is one of the area’s leading providers and installers of solar electric systems and solar hot water systems. They offer a complete turnkey solution to solar power for residential customers. Their solar power installation teams have more than 80 years of combined roofing and electrical experience and their customers’ testimonials speak to their high quality work and service.



solar universe installers

Solar Universe

Solar Universe is a unique solar installation and finance concept headquartered in Northern California with a mission to be the very best at what they do. They are the sum of a network of owner-operated install partners where Quality, Safety, Service and Consistency are guiding principles. These principles support their service oriented approach to enabling you to produce power on your home or business. In short, they aim to make solar an easy, affordable and fun experience.


standard energy solar installers

Standard Energy Solutions

Standard Energy Solutions (SES) helps homeowners take control of their energy consumption, household energy efficiency and energy costs. Our SES professionals use their experience and expertise to recommend the best energy solutions for your home – and your wallet. We are your trusted partner in identifying and executing sustainable energy solutions, from solar systems, to energy efficiency projects, to home energy management. SES's turnkey solution gives you the ability to minimize the impact of fluctuating energy prices while increasing your comfort and control over your energy needs

Trinity Solar

Founded in 1994, Trinity Solar delivers high quality solar installation and conducts all its operations with a sense of integrity and honesty. Trinity’s mission is to provide high-performing, cost-effective, environmentally responsible solutions to address the energy needs of its customers. Trinity employees handle everything from initial contact to consultation & design, to solar system installation & commissioning, as well as any follow up.