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Oregon Solar Companies

Find out how easy it is to go solar with Sunrun and save on your electric bills.

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The companies we work with are more than just solar installers – they are true partners. They'll be here with Sunrun to provide excellent service throughout your 20-year installation.

Sunrun systems designed and installed by local solar companies in Oregon

We’ve teamed up with leading local solar installers, which means we’re not only bringing clean energy to the state, we’re helping to create thousands of green-collar jobs!

Learn more about solar panel installation, and see what happens during an installation. 

imagine energy solar installer

Imagine Energy

Portland, Oregon

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2003, Imagine Energy has become a leader in providing renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. Imagine Energy is committed to a sustainable and healthy future, one house at a time. Imagine Energy specializes in solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems for homes and businesses, and has become a leading solar installer in the Northwest

lgcy solar installers

LGCY Power


LGCY Power is focused on providing an extraordinary solar experience for customers in the United States. By offering a cleaner, cheaper alternative to traditional electricity, LGCY creates value for residential homeowners by providing solar power at little to no upfront cost. A Sunrun Certified Partner, LGCY has grown to offices in 11 states with headquarters in Lehi, Utah


neil kelly installers

Neil Kelly

Portland, Oregon

In 1947, Neil B. Kelly started a remodeling company on a $100 investment and built it into a nationally recognized, award-winning business. Neil Kelly Company is a certified benefit company (B Corporation). Benefit companies are a new breed of company that seeks to deliver value aside from standard shareholder profit. This audited certification serves to cement Neil Kelly’s commitment to its employees, to its community and to the environment by amending the company’s charter.



solar universe installers

Solar Universe

Portland, Oregon

Solar Universe is a unique solar installation and finance concept headquartered in Northern California with a mission to be the very best at what they do. They are the sum of a network of owner-operated install partners where Quality, Safety, Service and Consistency are guiding principles. These principles support their service oriented approach to enabling you to produce power on your home or business. In short, they aim to make solar an easy, affordable and fun experience.

sunlight solar energy installer

Sunlight Solar Energy

Bend, Oregon

With over 20 years experience in installing solar power systems, Sunlight Solar is one of the top solar companies in Oregon. Sunlight Solar provides professional turn-key solar system design and installation experience complete with excellent customer service. Professional residential installations are the heart of Sunlight Solar Energy's work.