In Puerto Rico, Solar Power Is The Future

Puerto Rico can be powered by clean, reliable, and affordable energy. Sunrun, the nation’s largest residential solar, storage, and energy services company, is here to make that happen. By harnessing power from the world’s most brilliant natural resource, the sun, Sunrun is providing Puerto Ricans access to their own home solar and battery system. This gives people the freedom to create and store their own energy, to use when they need it most.

Our national energy infrastructure is outdated. A 100-year old technology isn’t going to rebuild Puerto Rico, but today’s technology can. That’s why home solar panels and batteries are going to be the key to energy independence. Sunrun’s Brightbox™, our solar-as-a-service and home battery, gives Puerto Rican households an affordable solution for clean, resilient, and reliable energy at a low-upfront cost.

Puerto Rico deserves better than the status quo. That’s why Sunrun is enabling Puerto Ricans to rebuild a cleaner, smarter, and more resilient system.

Sunrun’s Work in Puerto Rico

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, we were devastated to see the suffering and destruction caused by power outages and a fragile, obsolete energy system. So we helped. Led by our CEO Lynn Jurich, Sunrun was the first national solar company with boots on the ground, partnering with Empowered By Light and GivePower to donate and install Sunrun solar and battery systems on fire stations in Puerto Rico. Without power, these brave first responders would not have been able to provide emergency services and help their communities.

Since their installation, our solar and battery systems have run uninterrupted 24/7 on these fire stations. Throughout the longest blackout in U.S. history, the firefighters have been able to respond to emergencies and offer vital support to their surrounding communities.

However, this is just the beginning. Now, Puerto Ricans have access to solar-as-a-service and Brightbox home batteries, the same service that has kept fire stations powered since the hurricane.

Brightbox™ Is a Solar Battery Service for Your Home

There’s no doubt that when it comes to protecting yourself when the grid is down, solar battery storage in Puerto Rico is key for powering through outages. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Brightbox Puerto Rico, an integrated service that includes a home battery unit powered by solar panels. Your Brightbox battery kicks in during blackouts, keeping the lights on and your food fresh.

Unlike gas-powered generators, there’s no costly maintenance, health risks, or expensive fuel required with Brightbox. Brightbox's lithium-ion battery is charged by your solar panels, and powers your essentials during an outage for approximately 8 to 12 hours. When the sun comes back out, your panels start recharging your Brightbox battery again.

The time to change our energy system is now. Power lines are expensive and challenging to build across Puerto Rico’s mountainous terrain. They are also vulnerable to catastrophic blackouts, whether by an unpredictable storm or human error.1 Until now, the only options for backup power were dirty, dangerous, and fuel-guzzling generators that are costly to maintain.2 The answer is clear— Brightbox is the smart way to save solar power for your home.

In Puerto Rico, Solar Panels and Storage Service Puts You First

Brightbox is available through solar-as-a-service, our flexible solar leasing option that provides you with unparalleled service. Instead of paying full price for a solar system, our solar-as-a-service and home battery is available at a low upfront cost through BrightSave™ Monthly, our comprehensive solar lease.

With BrightSave Monthly™, Sunrun installs the solar panels and battery, handles maintenance, guarantees performance, and monitors your system for 25 years at a low, upfront cost. Our solar-as-a-service comes with proactive maintenance, free equipment replacement and repairs, and robust warranty protection. In addition, Sunrun’s high-quality systems are built to last and are constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions to ensure you’ll be ready when the next storm hits.

Worry-Free Solar With No Monthly Payments

Want the very best value on solar? Bask in all the benefits of going solar with Sunrun without the monthly payments with BrightSave Prepaid™. Brightsave Prepaid locks in long-term savings for 25 years and includes backup power and maintenance at no extra cost to you. Because when we say worry-free, we mean it.

The Promise of Puerto Rico’s Solar Potential

Now is the time for Puerto Rico to lead the energy revolution. It’s not just about clean power; solar panels and home batteries are more affordable and accessible than ever before.3 By hiring locally and partnering with the very best solar installers in Puerto Rico, Sunrun is also building up the energy economy and creating jobs, right on the island. In fact, solar is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the American economy, and has the power to sustain you, the community, and the planet.

Why choose Sunrun over other solar companies in Puerto Rico? Because we’re committed to putting you first. You deserve not to wait any longer.



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