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Brightbox™ Battery Beats Outages and Blackouts in Arizona

Arizonans enjoy roughly 299 days of sunshine every year.1 That's a whole lotta sun power. And Arizona is third in the "Top 10 Solar States" for solar capacity installations.2

It's clear that Arizona relies a good deal on the sun as a renewable energy source. But there are times when Arizonans need additional power support, like during blackouts and when the sun goes down.

We now offer a solar + home storage batteries solution with our partners at LG Chem - the world leader in lithium-ion batteries. LG Chem's technology is among the most proven and reliable in the world - and the perfect battery solution for rooftop solar systems.

See Brightbox in Action

Sunrun Brightbox Home Solar + Energy Storage

3 Brightbox™ Benefits for Arizonans

  1. Peace of Mind When the Power Goes Out

    Who wants hassle and frustration during a power outage? With our Brightbox™ solution you keep your food cold, the lights on, the computer running and your air conditioner humming. And how is the battery powered? Reliable back-up loads for your battery are powered from excess energy generated by your solar panels from all that sun. (Yeah, we think this technology is cool, too.)
  2. Performance Guarantee & Savings

    We guarantee your energy production for savings you can count on. Brightbox™ automatically adjusts so that you pay the lowest utility payment possible, even when your utility rates rise during peak hours.

    Most of the year your battery will be fully charged before time-of-use (TOU) peak hours. Utility rates are usually highest right after work and during dinner hours. And energy consumed after TOU peak hours will be at a battery charge of 20%. Which is still plenty enough energy to power most appliances.3

  3. Long-Term Solar Savings & Financing Flexibility

    Some homeowners can use power during the day to avoid higher energy prices at night. Many of us cannot due to our busy schedules. But whether you use power day or night, Brightbox™ helps guarantee the lowest utility bill payment possible.

    Sunrun also offers flexible options to own, finance or lease our Brightbox™ solar plus battery storage solution. (Please note that you can lease today with $0 down, and start saving right away.)

How Does Sunrun Brightbox Protect Me From Outages?

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The Future of Home Energy Storage

Stored solar energy is the future and Sunrun is proud to be a part of it. With Brightbox™ advanced technology you get to keep the energy you produce, then use it when you need it the most.

We know that Arizonans are serious about climate change and solar energy, and now Sunrun backs you up with our energy storage solution.

BrightBox Battery Availability

Make your home a Brilliant Home with Sunrun BrightBox™

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