It’s a win-win-win situation

And you get all the wins.

It's pretty simple.

You won’t find pages of legalese for your guarantee. 

What you’ll find is no-hassle, no-worry insurance that your home solar system will work the way it should for the next 20 years.

If something goes wrong – we fix it. If something’s defective – we replace it. If the velocity of a nut-laden swallow isn’t enough and it crashes into your panels and breaks them – we’ll take care of it.

If your system doesn’t produce what we say it will, bingo! We'll pay you back. If one day the sun decides not to rise, well, we'd all have bigger problems.

If you sell your home, this guarantee transfers to the new owners who will probably love you because of it. We even have a team dedicated to handling service transitions for home sales.

Rising home value

Get this: research shows that solar panels on your roof increase your home's value. 

A study released in April 2011 by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that homes with solar systems sell for a premium over homes that don't. 

Researchers compared the prices of solar homes sold in California to those of comparable homes without solar panels. They found that, on average, a home solar system added about $5.50 per watt to a home's resale value. That means that a small 3.1-kilowatt solar system can add around $17,000 in home value.*

Read the study

Meet our best salespeople – our customers.

"We don't have to worry about our panels at all. We cut our electric bill in half this year and got a big return on our investment. Sunrun takes care of everything. What's not to like?"

Jim W, Napa, California
Customer since 2008

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