You and solar.

A perfect match?

Hold up three fingers.

That’s how many factors go into whether solar is right for you.

  1. Where you live – rates and incentives vary by state and utility company. Plus, you'll need to own your home.
  2. How much electricity you use – the more you use, the more you’ll benefit, particularly in states like California, where you pay higher rates the more electricity you use.
  3. Your roof – in good shape, facing any direction but north and not too shaded.

What makes a good home for Sunrun solar?

Real people really happy about real big savings.

"Before we had solar, I would think every time I touched the thermostat, "how much is this going to cost me?" With solar, I just make sure that our family is comfortable."

Linda C, Clovis, California
Customer since 2009

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