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Power Forward.

After successful careers in finance, our founders, Edward and Lynn, chose to do something different. 

What they chose to do was tackle one of the biggest, most important challenges our country – and the world – faces. They understood that utilities in this country have scarcely changed in a century and something needed to be done about our air pollution and energy problems.

Solar seemed like the answer, but it was too costly and complex for most homeowners. So what did they do? They launched Sunrun and took both the cost and complexity hurdles out of the equation. Over the years as we’ve gained experience, we’ve grown to be (we believe) the best – by providing planet-changing home solar in a simple, inexpensive, low risk way.

By partnering with the leading manufacturers and installers, we can offer unsurpassed service, trouble-free installation and the best beginning-to-end experience you’ll find.

We live in exciting times – where individuals can change the status quo of electricity while changing our planet’s future for the better. It’s never made more sense for homeowners to break free from their power company and enjoy the many benefits of solar. We’d love to help you do it.

One roof at a time adds up.

Our more than 50,000 customers have produced 344 Gigawatt hours of solar energy.

 To shed some light on what that equates to, we did some calculating*. It’s like:  

• Recycling over 90,902 tons of waste
• Saving 3,201 tanker trucks worth of gasoline 
• Not burning 1,043 rail cars worth of coal
• Or producing energy at a nuclear power plant for 16 days

Real people really happy about real big savings.

"Going solar was the biggest, single impact I could have on the environment with no small effect on our future finances. I am a practical person and I know large increases in the cost of electricity are coming!"

Ted & Ruth R, Huntington Beach, California
Customer since 2010

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*Based on Sunrun system performance as of May 2013 tracked by the Performance KPI Report Aggregate. Average system first year system production estimate calculated using sales from 2012 through May 2013. Emission conversions information found at and