How does it work?

Better than you can imagine.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

We partner with major financial institutions to buy the system. We work with the best installers to put it on your roof. We take care of the system for 20 years. And you pay us a low, fixed rate for the solar electricity the system produces. 

That fixed electricity price you pay? That’s how we make our money.

It's also how you save money. Rooftop solar is cheaper than other electricity sources when you factor in transmission costs. Solar electricity doesn't have to be shipped from a distant power plant to your home.  When you pay us, it's enough to cover the cost to monitor and service your system and still save you money. 

There are both Federal and State incentives for solar.

We take those incentives and work them into the price you pay for your electricity – so you don’t have to deal with extra paperwork, but you get the price advantage anyway.

One service - three easy ways to pay.

We’re all about choices here, and offer three ways to pay for your Sunrun Solar Service. 

  • Low upfront: little to start and a controlled monthly solar power bill.
  • Locked-in: A bit more money upfront, a discounted rate and a fixed monthly payment. 
  • Prepaid: Prepay for your solar power and have no monthly solar bill.

What's a solar lease?

Solar leasing has quickly become the most popular way for homeowners to get solar in many states. Sunrun will have a system installed on your roof and own it. You'll pay monthly for the power it produces. The system comes with a warranty, is transferable to your home buyer when you move, and we handle any repairs and maintenance.

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We’ll take one environment.

Hold the smokestacks, please.

Meet our best salespeople – our customers.

"I wanted to get a solar system, but didn't know how I was going to do it. Sunrun made a lot of sense for me. Once I learned about Sunrun, the decision was really easy – it made more financial sense."

Jacob D, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Customer since 2011

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