Sunrun Grid Services FAQs

Northern California Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) Energy Storage for Resilience Grid Services Program

Welcome to the Power On Peninsula Program Customer FAQs

Sunrun is regularly working to introduce new programs to optimize the value of your home solar and battery system.

Sunrun has partnered with Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) with the goal of improving grid reliability and increasing the amount of renewable energy on the grid at times of highest demand.

We are proud to offer PCE customers of Sunrun the chance to participate in the Power On Peninsula Program. Your participation in this program can help stop the construction of fossil-fuel power plants by allowing Sunrun to provide energy from solar and storage to your local grid at times of need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sunrun customers with Brightbox systems located in Peninsula Clean Energy’s service territory are eligible to participate in the Power On Peninsula Program beginning as early as January 1, 2022.

If your system is operational and you haven’t received your incentive as part of your system activation, you will receive an email in August 2022 with instructions to obtain your Visa gift card by mail or electronic activation.

Sunrun is working with your Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) - Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE) - to use a fleet of Sunrun Brightbox systems to help create a more reliable, renewable and cost-effective energy system in Northern California.

At times when there is high demand on the local electric distribution system (i.e. the “grid”) or during other critical periods, your Brightbox will respond with support by sending energy from your battery to the grid. This coordinated discharge of your and your neighbors’ Brightboxes will occur in the afternoons during the Time of Use (TOU) hours when your energy prices are highest. This means that while there may be a slight change in the battery’s operation during a grid services event, you will retain the highest value from your system’s discharge.

By using the Brightbox energy storage systems in this manner we will improve grid resilience, drive down costs for all customers by avoiding expensive infrastructure upgrades, and ultimately allow for deployment of more carbon-free solar energy and battery storage to the grid.

Your system will participate in this program for the next ten years, starting as early as January 1, 2022. This does not affect your existing service. After that there may be options to re-enroll in a renewed program or move to another Sunrun energy program for an additional incentive.

By participating in the Program, you will improve the resilience of your local utility grid by either using energy from your solar and battery system or sending energy from your battery to the grid when it's most needed. Every participant in the program has or will receive an incentive for participating in the program - a benefit that Sunrun is proud to share with its customers who use their batteries for Grid Services.

We hope you will also feel great about helping to reduce carbon emissions and paving the way for home solar and battery systems to contribute to the grid of the future.

The Power On Peninsula Program will never utilize the energy reserved by your Brightbox system for backup during an outage. A portion of your battery will be reserved strictly for back-up power at all times. The remaining capacity of the battery charges from your solar system and discharges during times of peak energy usage, from 4:00-9:00 PM.

If your home is affected by a grid outage, all the energy in your battery will be available for your use until the grid is back online.

At times when your CCA has identified that there will be a high demand or critical period, Sunrun will signal your Sunrun Brightbox system to discharge energy in a specific way to provide optimal support to the grid. These requested energy storage discharges will generally be concentrated during the high priced afternoon hours, so you won’t experience any major changes compared to your Brightbox system’s normal operations. Most of the energy in your battery will be available to your CCA for these purposes, but Sunrun always maintains energy in reserve for emergency back-up. In the event of a grid outage, all of the

stored energy in the battery will be available for your needs. When energy from your solar and battery system is exported to the grid, you will receive the same credits as when your solar energy is exported directly to the grid from the solar panels.

There has been a lot of communication around planned outages across California in 2020 and beyond, which could include your area. Whenever there is an outage—whether that outage is planned for maintenance, a shutdown for wildfire prevention, or an emergency on the grid—your system will react the same way. Your Brightbox system will disconnect from the grid, and your solar system will continue working during the day. You will use available energy from your battery to support the circuits you’ve chosen to back up if there’s no solar energy available. Participation in the Power On Peninsula Program will not impact the

backup capabilities of your system.

For the purposes of this Program, we may share the following information about your Brightbox system with your CCA: energy production, energy discharge data, the status of your battery and smart inverter for a period before, during and after energy discharge events, and overall battery performance data. This is all in addition to Sunrun’s privacy policy, which can be found at: https://www.sunrun.com/privacy-policy.

No, we do not expect your Sunrun or Utility monthly bill to change as a result of participating in this program.

If you do not wish to participate, please complete the Opt-Out Form.

It may take up to 30 days after your opt-out request is processed for your battery to be removed from program dispatching.


For assistance, please contact: Costco Member Services by phone at (888)858-2496 or email at membercare@sunrun.com