Surf’s up and energy costs down in San Luis Obispo.

Find out how easy it is to go solar with Sunrun and save on your electric bills.

Home solar in San Luis Obispo, California

San Luis Obispo enjoys a beautiful, natural landscape, situated along the Central Coast. In order to preserve the city's environment, San Luis Obispo residents are turning to the sun to power their homes with clean, solar electricity. But going solar does more than make a difference in the environment. By upgrading their homes to solar, residents are saving money on their power bills, now and in the future.

Dennis' Story

Dennis and his wife discovered the San Luis Obispo area when one of their sons attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. A long time wine connoisseur, Dennis built his new home in the Edna Ranch area, surrounded by vineyards. They spent over 3 years designing and constructing their home, and love living in the country. Not quite as enjoyable were the high rural power rates that came with country living, which cost them up to $500 every month.


Dennis initially wondered whether he should wait to get a system, but he realized that he shouldn't wait for future technology advances in solar power because there was no time like the present. Luckily, solar power was readily available in San Luis Obispo through Sunrun. Dennis says “I felt that Sunrun was the right thing to do - both environmentally and for the long haul. It was time to step up." Dennis didn't initially consider home solar leases, but he liked that Sunrun fixes anything that goes wrong with his system. He also chose Sunrun because it was the solution that would most easily allow him to sell his San Luis Obispo solar home in the future.


Since going solar in San Luis Obispo with a Sunrun power purchase agreement, Dennis and his wife now pay well under half every month that they previously paid for power.


Sunrun San Luis Obispo Locations: 

775 Fiero Lane, Suite 200, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 

(855) 478-6786

How Sunrun works

We offer a guaranteed rate for your electricity.

  1. We buy the system and have it installed on your roof.
  2. You pay a low monthly fee for your electricity.
  3. It generates power for you – with rates that are locked in.

Solar Energy in California

California has an extensive history of supporting solar power through its policies and incentive programs. California utility companies charge for electricity in tiers. This means that the more energy you use in your home, the higher your rate will be. With tiered electric rates, it's difficult to avoid high power bills, especially in the summer months.

With Sunrun, you can offset part of the electricity you use from your utility company with affordable solar electricity in California from Sunrun. This way, you avoid the utility company's highest rates for electricity. See if Sunrun works with your CA utility.

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