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Tesla Powerwall

We’ve got your backup. Say goodbye to power outages and tap into energy from your solar system when you need it most.
Seamless integration with solar
13.5kWh of storage capacity
Sleek design and cutting-edge technology

Elevate your home with Powerwall when you go solar

Longer battery life with 13.5kWh

Tesla Powerwall's substantial 13.5kWh capacity provides the ability to power devices in your home for longer than other home batteries, offering greater flexibility and convenience in any grid outage.

Monitor your energy with the app

Monitor and understand your energy in real-time with the Tesla app. Get 24/7 instant alerts and severe weather warnings, helpful home and battery insights, and more– from anywhere on your smartphone.

Enjoy “blinkless” backup

Say goodbye to the frustration of resetting clocks, rebooting electronics, or losing unsaved work. Tesla Powerwall’s "Blinkless" outage transition automatically switches your home to battery power within milliseconds.

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Keep the lights (and more) on during outages with best-in-class solar and battery backup.

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Powerwall FAQs

Your Powerwall will automatically disconnect from the grid in the event of a power outage and restore electricity in your home in a matter of milliseconds. Your rooftop panels will continue to recharge your Powerwall until the grid is up and running.

Like solar panels, the number of Tesla Powerwalls you need will depend on your unique energy needs and habits—but for some customers, one Powerwall may be sufficient. Your solar advisor will help you evaluate your energy usage to customize a solar system that sufficiently backs up what you need. Request a free quote today.

A certified Tesla Powerwall installer will mount your Powerwall on the wall, usually next to your electrical panel inside your garage or outside your home.

You can make Tesla’s Powerwall a part of your home backup plan for as little as $0 down. Our monthly and full amount lease comes with worry-free performance and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. You can also choose to purchase your system through Sunrun.

See which financing options are available in your area and get in touch with a solar advisor today.

At this time, Tesla Powerwall is only available to new Sunrun customers. We can’t install Powerwall if you already have an existing solar installation or if it isn’t offered in your area.

Storage capacity: The main difference between Powerwall and LG Chem is the battery capacity. Powerwall offers 13.5kWh of storage capacity for extended battery life, whereas an LG Chem battery offers 9.6kWh of storage capacity.

App experience: The Tesla app has a user-friendly interface available to Sunrun customers with one or more Powerwalls that lets you access additional energy insights.

“Blinkless” backup: Powerwall features "blinkless" outage transition, which guarantees uninterrupted power supply during outages, eliminating any flicker or interruption in electricity. While many solar batteries transition power within seconds, "blinkless" backup power means your clocks and router won’t reset.

Stacking: Finally, you can stack multiple Powerwalls in your new Sunrun installation to back up more or all of your home.

Request a free quote to connect with a Sunrun Solar Advisor and determine which battery storage and backup solution will best meet your energy needs.