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Many Californians have been saving money on their utility bills by switching to solar. We understand, with rising energy costs, it is important to maximize your savings. That is why Californians are adding Sunrun’s Brightbox™ to their solar system to save even more. And with Brightbox’s energy storage capabilities, you’ll never be left without power again.

California Cashes in on Solar Storage

Sunrun’s Brightbox™ is a powerful lithium-ion battery made by LG that stores excess energy generated by your home solar system. Your home only uses solar energy while the sun is shining. When the sun sets, your house is powered from the grid and susceptible to rising utility costs. By incorporating Brightbox™ into your solar system, you will store solar power and use it when you need it most. BrightboxTM solar battery service is only available for new Sunrun customers.

See Brightbox in Action

Sunrun Brightbox Home Solar + Energy Storage

3 Ways Brightbox Benefits Californians

  1. Savings
    Energy prices dramatically increase during the hours of the day when you need electricity the most due to Time-of-Use (TOU) rates. Brightbox stores solar energy that you don’t use during the day and powers your home at night when power is most expensive, increasing your solar savings.
  2. Peace of Mind
    Power outages happen all too often in California and no one wants to just sit in the dark. When this kind of event occurs, Brightbox becomes a silent power backup that keep your lights on, your refrigerator running, and your devices charged.
  3. Performance Guarantee
    We guarantee your energy production, rain or shine. With our industry-leading performance guarantee, if your system produces more energy than estimated, we don’t charge your for the extra energy.

How Does Sunrun Brightbox Protect Me From Outages?


Brightbox powers the appliances you care most about for 10+ hours during an outage.

Keep your food cold, your lights on, and enjoy greater peace-of-mind during a power outage with Sunrun Brightbox.

Power a fan
Refrigerate food
Use WiFi
Charge your
cell phone
Watch TV
Power light
Open/close the
garage door
Use a laptop

Hours reflect a full battery powering a single device, minimum 20% capacity held in reserve.


Get More Savings Now

Power your home your way, day and night, with flexible options to own, finance or lease Sunrun’s premium solar plus storage solution. Lease Brightbox from Sunrun today for $0 down and start saving. Ready to save more? Contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brightbox is a home solar battery service that offers clean, reliable and affordable power. Brightbox can be used for backup when the grid is down, or give you better control over your home energy use and cost.

Brightbox stores the electricity your rooftop solar produces during the day for when you need it most, such as in the evening, at night, or when the electric grid fails.

Yes. Brightbox is part of Sunrun’s holistic solar as a service offering. When you choose to go solar with Sunrun, you can add a Brightbox home battery if it is offered in your market.

Brightbox installation is a relatively simple process. The battery itself is about the size of a water heater and easily mounted on a wall—usually inside your garage or outside of your home. The clearance required for a Brightbox battery and its accompanying components is 6.5’ H x 10’ W.

Our expert electricians will take care of installing and configuring your battery for you. Batteries last anywhere between 10 and 15 years, and manufacturers typically offer a 10-year warranty.

Still, Brightbox is more than home batteries; it’s a holistic service that includes professional maintenance and monitoring during the life of your agreement. Customers who own their battery get Sunrun service for 10 years, while customers with a BrightSave Monthly or Prepaid contract get free battery maintenance replacement for the lifetime of their contract - generally 20 or 25 years.

You can monitor your Brightbox battery’s performance on your mySunrun app. Sunrun also manages the battery remotely using proprietary software so we keep tabs on your system 24/7 to make sure it’s running as it should, and automatically updates your battery’s settings to save you as much money as possible.

Our BrightSave Monthly and Prepaid solar plans come with 24/7 proactive monitoring and maintenance, on us. So if we notice that your Brightbox or solar panels aren’t working at their full capacity, we’ll send an expert over to fix it without you having to lift a finger.

At this time, Brightbox is only available to new Sunrun customers.  We can’t install Brightbox if you already have an existing solar installation or if it isn’t offered in your area.

However, if you’re still interested in Brightbox please let us know—you’ll be the first to know when we’ve come up with a solution. We’re hard at work on optimizing our technology to provide an even more seamless customer experience.

The amount of available backup power depends on what you choose to back up, what time of day and season the power outage happens, and how much energy your household uses. If the battery is fully charged, it can provide 8-12 hours of backup. If your battery has been discharging throughout the day, it automatically holds a 20% reserve for a backup emergency, or about 3-4 hours for a blackout when the sun is down. When the sun comes back up, your Brightbox will start to charge again!

The electrical circuits in your home that power your lights and appliances are all connected to breakers, safely regulating the amount of power that feeds each circuit. Multiple appliances can be powered by one breaker. For instance, one breaker could power your refrigerator plus nearby outlets or lighting in your kitchen. While you can’t necessarily target individual appliances, with Sunrun Brightbox you can choose which breakers you’d like to back up. What you can back up depends on the current wiring of your home.

You can use a portable generator—however, Sunrun doesn’t offer backup generators. If you’re interested in installing a portable generator, you can contact a local electrician or renewable energy installation company. These experts can recommend a system that will be appropriate for your home.

Please note that Brightbox cannot be installed on homes that already have a standby generator.

Having a home solar battery service in California can save money by offsetting high Time-of-Use (TOU) rates and provides clean, reliable backup power during a blackout.

Your system is also covered by our Sunrun Guarantee, so we handle maintenance and repairs at no additional charge.

There are lots of reasons to go solar with battery storage in California, including a great incentive available to households that purchase home batteries. The Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) incentivizes  PG&E, SCE, SCG, or SDG&E-powered households when they install a home solar battery to help defray costs for installing batteries. The incentive value will decrease as more households apply for it, so take advantage of it as soon as you can.

Other California incentives include rebates from your local utility and the 30% federal solar tax credit (ITC). For more information on California solar incentives, click here.

For customers with solar leases, Sunrun applies for these rebates and tax credits, and automatically includes the savings in our pricing.

For most households, one solar battery is sufficient to power your most important appliances. In the event of a blackout, your Brightbox battery provides approximately 8-12 hours of backup power.

When the sun rises, your solar panels charge your battery so you can continue to back up your home until utility power is restored.

In the event of a power outage, your Brightbox automatically discharges power to your critical home appliances.

To learn more about how home solar batteries work, click here.

In the event of a power outage, appliances like your refrigerator, electronics chargers for cell phones, laptops, and your TV can be backed up by Brightbox for 8-12 hours. When the sun rises again, your solar panels will recharge your Brightbox. The most important rooms and appliances in your home will be powered by your home battery until the grid is up and running again. To learn more about how home solar batteries work, click here.

Brightbox works in tandem with the grid, and is not designed as an off-grid solution.

Think of it as energy surge pricing. Time-of-Use rates, or TOU rates, are electricity rates in which utilities charge for both how much and when you use energy. Under these rates, energy tends to cost more during peak demand times, such as late afternoon and evening when demand is highest.

Brightbox helps manage TOU rates by optimizing your battery’s charge and discharge behavior to maximize savings. To learn more about TOU rates, click here.


Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Outage Map


Southern California Edison (SCE) Outage Map


San Diego Gas & Electric Outage Map

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