The future is bright in Yorba Linda for going solar.

Find out how easy it is to go solar with Sunrun and save on your electric bills.

Home solar in Yorba Linda, California

With plenty of sunshine and residential roofs, Yorba Linda is one of the best cities for solar power. Many Yorba Linda homeowners are already powering their homes with solar energy and saving money on their electric bills. Going solar allows homeowners to lock in low rates for their solar electricity and save thousands over time.

Thomas' Story

Thomas has lived in Yorba Linda for over 40 years and has seen a lot of change. Never one to be behind the curve, Thomas was originally interested in solar power because he wanted to reduce his energy usage from the grid. Renewable energy was also a way for him to lessen his impact on the environment.


Sunrun's unique approach makes home solar power practical. He doesn't have to worry about photovoltaic panels, inverters, or the costs of keeping a system running over the years because of Sunrun's got it covered.


Thomas has already told friends about his decision to go solar with Sunrun. He's happy knowing that Sunrun will take care of everything related to the maintenance of his system. All he has to do is sit back, relax, and let the experts at Sunrun take care of his Yorba Linda solar home.


How Sunrun works

We offer a guaranteed rate for your electricity.

  1. We buy the system and have it installed on your roof.
  2. You pay a low monthly fee for your electricity.
  3. It generates power for you – with rates that are locked in.

Solar Energy in California

California has an extensive history of supporting solar power through its policies and incentive programs. California utility companies charge for electricity in tiers. This means that the more energy you use in your home, the higher your rate will be. With tiered electric rates, it's difficult to avoid high power bills, especially in the summer months.

With Sunrun, you can offset part of the electricity you use from your utility company with affordable solar electricity in California from Sunrun. This way, you avoid the utility company's highest rates for electricity. See if Sunrun works with your CA utility.

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