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Sunrun’s mission

Sunrun is proud to be America’s leading residential solar, storage, and energy services company with 900,000+ customers and nearly two decades of experience. We’re powering the revolution to clean, affordable, and locally-generated energy nationwide.

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New Homes team

Our team is dedicated to helping build partners select the best energy technology options for their home buyers and business. Our exceptional customer service and guarantees provide peace of mind so you can focus on what’s important to you: building homes.

Meet the team

Andy Moore (Channel Department Head) | (951) 733-4856

Heather Harris (Director of Operations) | (385) 224-2418

Eddie Spilsbury (Director, Business Development) | (385) 418-5771

Felicia Dang (Manager, Sales Operations) | (949) 981-2138

Andrew Sutherland (Regional Sales Manager) | (407) 923-9536,

Andrew Warner (Regional Sales Manager) | (720) 277-5599

Ellis Ferrer (Regional Sales Manager) | (469) 525-2043

Tessa Evans, Regional Sales Manager | (801) 592-5182

Our Process

From consultations to activations, our team is prepared to help you and your home buyers have an outstanding experience. Our program is unique because every step is handled by our specialized New Homes team that understands the nuances of new construction.

Community types

Solar standard or optional communities

Custom homes

Multi family

Build to rent

Where we operate

While we're open to discussing business in all 50 states, Sunrun operates in 22 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico. See the full list by clicking below.

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We’d love to hear from you and help you build new solar homes.