Our Progress Toward a Sustainable Future

Highlights from Sunrun’s 2023 Impact Report

As the nation’s leading provider of clean energy as a subscription service, we recognize our responsibility to be a positive force for good in the world. We constantly evaluate new and innovative ways to help our customers reduce their emissions while simultaneously reducing our own. Sunrun is making locally-generated, affordable, and reliable energy accessible to millions of families across America.

18 million metric tons of CO2 avoided

Since 2007, Sunrun solar energy systems have now generated 32.4 billion kWh of solar energy. The avoidance of CO2 emissions is equivalent to taking 4.3 million gasoline-powered vehicles off the roads or 48 gas-fired power plants offline for a year.

Connecting people to the cleanest energy on Earth

$1.3 billion customer savings

Over our 17-year history, Sunrun has provided customers with more than a billion dollars in energy savings to customers.

2.8 million hours of backup power

Sunrun’s solar-plus-storage systems have helped customers power through more than 659,000 outages.

100% recycled or redeployed

In 2023, Sunrun redeployed or recycled 100% of solar panels, batteries and inverters.

We love to serve

Sunrun employees volunteered for over 10,000 service hours in 2023, which is equivalent to approximately 417 days. In addition, we introduced a charitable match based on the number of hours volunteered.

Sunrun recognition

In 2023, we were honored with numerous awards for our commitment to fostering a better workplace, advancing our business, and contributing positively to our planet.

Our impact on the world and the communities we serve

Sunrun’s 7th annual Impact Report highlights our continued progress toward our impact goals, social and environment stewardship and operating responsibly.