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Does my state qualify for solar energy?

This is a great question! If you are in one of our qualifying states; we’ve dedicated this section of our website to reviewing your state incentives, financing, utilities, and solar installation; along with city specific web pages that further highlight solar power advantages in your local communities.

Sunrun is the #1 residential solar company in the US. We revolutionized the solar industry in the United States, powering the homes of hundreds of thousands solar customers with renewable energy.

Going solar has never been easier, with local direct installers ready to service your home. Contact us online by filling out a quote form, or pick up the phone and give us a call today.

What is net metering and what are my state net metering policies?

We know net-metering can be a bit confusing. Solar friendly states all have net metering laws. About 44 states and four territories have enacted net-metering policies all varying with different language.** Don’t worry, that’s why our solar consultants are here to help! We make net metering education and learning pain free during your solar consultation process.

Call us today to discuss your residential solar needs, let our team answer all your questions about states with solar incentives and net metering policies.


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