Sunrun Home EV Charger

Go solar. And go places. Get a best-in-class solar system and customize your bundle by adding products like our home electric vehicle charger.
Fast home charging (~30-40* miles per hour; ~7x faster than an outlet)
Compatible with all EV models (incl. Tesla with an adapter)
Manage home charging with your phone

Power up and power on

Plug into convenience

Relying on public EV charging stations means you’re prone to availability constraints, long wait times, payment confusion, and other inconveniences. With Sunrun’s EV charger, you can get a full charge each day or night so your car is ready when you are.

You're in control

With Sunrun's charger and smart charging features, you can easily schedule your electric car charging sessions to work with your schedule or to maximize the use of your solar energy.

Boost your impact

You can supercharge the environmental impact of going solar when you switch to an electric vehicle. This transition contributes to a more sustainable future.

Get the home EV charger when you go solar

Gain control over unpredictable rising utility rates, and turn your home into a personal EV charging station.

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What to expect with the Sunrun home EV charger

Sunrun's home EV charger is a convenient solution for EV owners to charge quickly and affordably at home. It comes with our standard hassle-free permitting, design, and install when you go solar. Upgrading your home’s energy ecosystem is easier than ever.


Our home EV chargers are compatible with all models of EVs, though Teslas and other NACs vehicles will require an adapter. This charger comes with the SAE Standard J1772 plug.

The cost of the EV charger is $1,749. This includes the hardware, up to 20 feet of conduit, and installation costs.

Additional conduit is $200 per 10 feet. Depending on your home, additional electrical upgrades may be needed, in which case total cost may be higher.

For details on what to consider when estimating the cost of your ev charger, explore our blog post, How Much to Install an EV Charger at Home.

Start your solar quote, and ask your Sunrun consultant about adding the home charger.

When getting solar with Sunrun you will have the option to purchase an EV charger and get it installed. The timeline will vary depending on permitting application, approval, and schedule of installers in your location. It’s best to talk with your contact at Sunrun regarding your specific timeline. The installation of an EV charger can be completed in one day most of the time.

Yes, currently the Sunrun EV charger is only available when getting solar from Sunrun.

You may be eligible for a tax credit under section 30C of the IRA. Please talk to your tax expert to help determine eligibility. 

*EV Charging speed in miles per hour varies depending on the vehicle. This approximate range estimate for our 40-Amp charger is based on comparing several mainstream electric vehicles with an EV Charging calculator.