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NEM 3.0: What It Is and How It Affects California Homes
How Much Does It Cost To Install An EV Charger At Home?
Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days?
Solar Panels for Tiny Houses: Power Up Your Small Space
Pairing solar and battery storage is the way to go in California. Let’s take a look at how to use home solar under NEM 3.0.
Installing an EV charger at home involves several variables influencing the overall cost. Here, we break them down.
Explore why solar can still be a savvy investment, even on cloudy days.
Check out our comprehensive guide to going solar if you're the owner of a tiny home.
Going Solar
Solar Panel Kits: Pros and Cons
How to Clean Solar Panels
What’s the Best Angle for Solar Panels to Get Maximum Output?
Maximize Efficiency: Best Direction for Solar Panels
Learn how DIY solar panel kits compare with a professionally installed system, and figure out which will work best for you.
Whether you already have solar or are considering it, here's how to keep your panels clean and running efficiently.
Here we cover many of the factors that impact overall solar panel efficiency, including tilt angle of the solar array.
In this article, we break down the best direction for any goal and the aspects that influence that decision.
Solar Energy 101
Solar Roof Shingles & Tiles: Is There A Difference?
What is Solar Energy?
Kilowatt Hours Explained: Your Essential Energy Guide
Understand Energy: Kilowatt to Megawatt Conversion
Let's talk solar choices—shingles, tiles, or panels? Here's your guide to make an informed decision about what's best for your home.
Solar energy is an abundant resource. See how properly harnessing it can reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.
Here’s what you don’t know about kilowatt hours & how it could reduce your monthly electric bill
Learn how to convert kilowatts to megawatts for smarter power usage.

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Solar Articles
What Happens if I Move?
How Efficient Are Solar Panels?
How Can I Tell if My Solar Panels Are Working?
Environmental Impact: A Grid-Powered Car
If you have a solar service agreement and decide to move, we’re here to support you with every ...
Solar Panel Efficiency - From NASA to your roof NASA uses solar power in space ...
Whether you already have rooftop solar panels or are considering going solar, you’ll want to make sure your panels are working at their full capacity. ...
Are Electric Vehicles Better for the Environment? It’s true that a grid-powered car...
Solar Videos
Big Solar Savings are Waiting in New York
Bring Home Solar Savings in New Jersey
Solar Savings Shine Bright in Massachusetts
Solar panel maintenance is easy with Sunrun
In New York, traditional energy costs are rising. New York is a big city with lots of heart. It’s ...
Shack up with solar and control your utility costs year round. New Jersey is home to great ...
You may get some harsh winters in Massachusetts, where the temperature is likely to drop below ...
Stuff happens, right? Sure it does. That’s life. But that’s why you need to know that with...
Solar Terms
Solar Panel Warranty
Solar Incentives
A uniit of electrical power equal to one million watts.
A unit of electrical power equal to one billion watts or 1000 megawatts.
A guarantee from the solar panel manufacturer or installer to ensure production levels and equipment reliability.
Electricity consumers are offered financial incentives from federal, state, and local governments to install solar systems on their homes.