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Orange & Rockland Solar & Battery Storage Program

Going solar with battery storage in Orange & Rockland service areas of New York is now even more rewarding. We’ve partnered with O&R to introduce a limited time solar and battery program– so you can get a special monthly rate on your subscription. This program will help alleviate grid strain as home battery owners use and share stored solar energy when demand is highest.

What you’ll get

  • An exclusive discount (details below) on upgrading your home with solar & battery storage  

  • All the benefits of solar with battery storage, including greater energy independence 

  • The gratification of supporting your community by reducing grid strain and reducing the need for more fossil fuel plants.

How it works

Get a limited-time discount 

You can choose between 67% off a Tesla Powerwall or a free LG Chem battery. Your sales representative can help you to determine which battery offering is right for your home. You will receive this discounted bundle pricing for the entirety of your 25-year lease, even after the pilot ends.

Use and share stored power

Your battery will send power to your home and (if available) to the grid on days when there is high demand.

Keep power for backup

On days when your home uses and shares stored power, you’ll keep 20% of your battery capacity for backup. And–in the event of an outage–all energy in your battery will be available to you for use.

Get started today

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Get a best-in-class solar and storage system
Enjoy this special deal



It’s an O&R demonstration project (proof-of-concept) registered with the NY State Public Service Commission.

We’re enabling 300 residential customers to get a solar & battery system at a discounted rate because these systems help lighten the load on the grid. O&R reviewed competitive bids and selected Sunrun as their partner in this project. This is the only solar & battery project currently being run by a utility in the state of New York.

You will receive a free LG Chem home battery or a significantly (67%) discounted Tesla Powerwall battery bundled with America’s most popular solar subscription.

During the day, your solar panels will provide power to your home and charge your battery. If you experience a power outage, your battery will automatically provide backup power to the things in your home that are important to you – such as your refrigerator, WiFi, and lights. When there is high demand on the grid for electricity, O&R will notify Sunrun to send energy from your battery system to your home and (if available) to the grid to help meet that high demand. You’ll keep a 20% reserve for personal backup needs during these times, and get the special discounted price on your system’s lease for helping reduce grid strain.

Customers in the NY O&R territory are eligible to participate. However, this program has limited availability and enrollment will close once 300 customers sign up. Enrollment is first come first served!

This Program will provide value to the grid for 10 years. However, you will continue to have the pricing you signed up with throughout the 25-year duration of your Sunrun Agreement.

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