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RI Energy ConnectedSolutions

Another benefit to solar + storage in Rhode Island

Going solar with battery storage in Rhode Island just got even more rewarding. We’ve partnered with Rhode Island Energy (previously National Grid in Rhode Island) to introduce a new summer rewards program called Rhode Island Energy ConnectedSolutions. This program will help alleviate grid strain in the summer as home battery owners use and share stored solar energy when demand is highest.

What you’ll get
• The benefits of solar + battery storage (an elevated home, greater energy independence, and more)
• A $350-500 VISA Gift Card in December following every summer you participate for five years
• The gratification of supporting your community by reducing grid strain and the need for fossil fuel plants

How it works

Use & share stored power

Keep power for backup

Get rewarded & stay flexible

Your battery will send power to your home and (if available) to the grid on days when there is high demand in the summer seasons. This will unlock potential savings on your summer RI energy bills relative to keeping all energy for backup.

On days when your home uses and shares stored power, you’ll keep 20% of your battery capacity for backup. And–in the event of an outage–all energy in your battery will be available to you for use.

Receive a $350-500 VISA Gift Card in December following every summer you participate.
Enroll for as little or as long as the program is active– you can opt out any time.

How to enroll

New customers in RI Energy service territory will be enrolled during signing. If you signed up to go solar before May 2023, please email to request enrollment. If you’d like to get started going solar with battery storage or have questions not listed below, give us a call.

Want to speak with us? Call us at (844) 809-3745



The program is limited to customers served by the utility company Rhode Island Energy. Eligible Sunrun customers are opted-in to participate in the program when they sign up to go solar with battery storage. Sunrun is currently unable to add a battery to existing home solar systems.

The program lasts for five years, but you can opt out at any time (email Your participation will start once your system is installed, activated, and starts sending energy to your home or to the grid. Rhode Island Energy may choose to extend this program after five years.

If you participate, for the next five summers (at a maximum of 60 times per summer), your battery will send power to your home and (if additional energy is available) to the grid when there is high demand in the summer seasons (3pm to 8pm from June 1st – September 30th).

The value of your rewards depends on the extra capacity your battery can provide. • $350 VISA gift card for LG Chem owners • $500 VISA gift card for Powerwall owners

Yes. On most days, your battery will keep all stored power for backup. On the days of high demand when you use or share stored power, your home battery will always reserve at least 20% capacity for backup needs.  In the event of a power outage, all energy in your battery system will be available to you.

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