Cost of Solar in 2021

The cost of solar has dropped significantly in the past several years. A decade ago, an average 6 kilowatt hour residential solar system could cost more than $50,000. Now, the outright cost of a typical home installation ranges from $16,200 to $21,400, which is a 62% average annual decrease.

From the price of hardware to ongoing maintenance, learn more about the cost of home solar.


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Average Cost of residential solar keeps falling

Solar panels are rapidly spreading over American rooftops. And as the cost of solar continues to fall, it’s no surprise that residential solar systems are installed every 100 seconds in the United States.1 Residential solar costs are at their lowest in over 30 years. More affordable than ever, today’s residential solar panels feature technology advances that maximize power production.

Average cost of residential solar keeps falling. Residential solar costs are at their lowest in over 30 years. More affordable than ever, today’s residential solar panels feature technology advances that maximize power production.

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What our Customers are Saying

What our Customers are Saying

five stars rating


Pomona, CA

“Sunrun was a very easy company to do business with from customer service, project manager, installers and inspectors. The installers were very friendly and professional.”

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Broomfield, CO

“I’ve had my Sunrun system for two years now... no issues and super happy with the process. We get clean, renewable energy for our house at a lower cost than the utility.

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Erie, CO

“Everything from the initial designs to the team on site was solid. We have a friend who has been in the solar industry for the past 23 years, and he spoke highly of Sunrun’s equipment. We’re seeing what we're producing versus what we would have paid."

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Thousands Oaks, CA

“Sunrun gave us the most helpful information and they were very thorough. They were always right there to help us and answer any questions thoroughly. They did a magnificent job.”


Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

Solar Energy System Property Tax Exclusion

Single-Family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH) Program

Local Utility Company Rebates


The 26% federal tax credit is available for purchased home solar systems installed by December 31, 2022.

Rebate for buying and installing a solar battery along with a rooftop panel system. (Varies by utility and battery storage capacity.)

Property tax exclusion on the added home value from the rooftop solar system.

Eligible low-income homeowners who get their electricity from PG&E, SCE, or SDG&E could qualify for cash incentives for every kilowatt (KW) of solar power installed.

Cash incentives for installing solar panels in

Why Sunrun?

Every home is different and your electricity demands are unique. Our experts are here to help you. Sunrun designs, installs, finances, insures, monitors and maintains solar home solar systems, while families receive predictable pricing for 20 years or more. As the nation’s largest residential solar, battery storage and energy services company, we provide families with industry-leading service, products and financing options to be able to meet different peoples’ needs. Our solar leases offer the financial value and flexibility you deserve.



How much will the overall cost be for a home solar system?

The up-front cost of a typical home installation ranges from $16,200 to $21,400. Your bottom line will also be determined by maintenance costs and tax credits and other incentives. Your net savings will vary by region and by the amount of electricity you use.

What can I expect for maintenance costs?

Solar panels need to be maintained over time. This includes periodic cleaning and repairs. It is recommended that panels be cleaned twice annually at an average cost of $150 per cleaning. Any needed repairs will add to the cost. The combined costs of equipment and labor can range from $200 to as much as $3,000.11

When you own your system, you are responsible for the cost of maintenance and repairs. Alternatively, a Sunrun solar lease lets you only pay only for the power. We handle the maintenance ourselves so you don’t have to worry about it.

How can I take advantage of tax credits?

Tax credits and other incentives can help reduce your costs by thousands of dollars. The federal solar tax credit is one of the best solar incentives out there. Many states offer additional incentives that allow you to deduct a portion of your system’s cost from your state tax bill, similar to federal solar tax credit. Solar rebates are also available in some states. Consult with a tax professional to understand the credits you’re eligible for. With Sunrun, you can also set it and forget it when you lock in 25 years of affordable solar power with just one upfront payment. From paperwork to installation to maintenance, we take care of the rest.