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Promotion Name: This offer promotion is called the December 2023 $3 for 3 Months Energy Service Partners Affiliate Offer (the “Dec 2023 $3 for 3 Energy Service Partners Offer”). The exclusive December 2023 $3 for 3 Months Energy Service Partners Affiliate Offer is a Special Promotion, and is subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth here.

Eligibility Requirements: Open to individuals (“Participants”) who (i) personally receive an invitation to participate in the Dec 2023 $3 for 3 Energy Service Partners Offer from Sunrun Inc. or a Sunrun-authorized sales representative during the Promotional Period, (ii) sign a new Sunrun Monthly Power Purchase Agreement or Lease Customer Agreement with Energy Service Partners, Inc. in the States of California or Texas during the Promotional Period, and (iii) receive Sunrun Sign Off to that Customer Agreement by January 31, 2024. Individuals who receive invitations to participate from third parties are not eligible to receive an Offer Reward.

Monthly Bill Credit promotions are valid for original Sunrun System owner. Monthly Bill Credit promotions are considered invalid at the moment service is transferred.

By participating in the promotion, the Participant agrees to the terms of the Dec 2023 $3 for 3 Energy Service Partners Offer and to these Sunrun Terms and Conditions for Promotional Offers (the “Offer Terms and Conditions”) which constitute the entire understanding and agreement between Sunrun and Participant and supersede all other agreements, whether written or oral. All capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed in the Offer Terms and Conditions.

This Promotion may not be combined with any other offer or promotion issued by Sunrun. Offer available to new customers only.

Promotional Period: The Promotional Period shall run from December 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023, and shall expire at 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2023.

Special Promotion Rewards: Eligible Participants will receive a Sunrun bill credit resulting in a $1 per month bill for the first 3 months of Sunrun billing. This Special Promotion Reward includes only a credit on the customer’s first 3 months of Sunrun billing. There still may be a charge for any applicable taxes and/or ACH fees as the credit applies only to the solar and storage (if applicable) monthly charges. It does not include credit or any other payment of a customer’s electric or any other utility bill. Participants must meet all Eligibility Requirements. This Special Promotion Reward is not applicable to purchased systems or any Prepaid contracts. The Special Promotion Reward is payable after installation is complete on the Participant’s Solar Facility and if and only if that Participant’s Sunrun accounts are in good standing as defined by the Sunrun Customer Agreement.

Any Special Promotion Rewards described herein shall be in lieu of any other rewards.

This offer is made by Sunrun. Sunrun reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without prior notice, to suspend or cancel the December 2023 $3 for 3 Months Energy Service Partners Affiliate Offer, or substitute the Special Promotion Rewards for any reason.