Unlock Powerful Home Backup and More

Add a Tesla Powerwall to get even more from your solar system

Our premium rechargeable home batteries capture and store electricity your system produces during the day for use in the evenings and during outages—giving you even greater control over your energy.

Protect against outages

Monitor your energy

Energy for later and a resilient grid

Keep your loved ones safe and your home life running in an outage with reliable backup power

Monitor and manage your energy storage in real-time with the Tesla mobile app

Store solar energy, use it in your home in the evening, and export extra energy to your community (for credit on your utility bill)

What's Included



Sunrun is currently offering Tesla Powerwall, one of the most innovative and trusted energy storage solutions available on the market.

10 year coverage
All our equipment is fully warrantied and has complete service coverage for 10 years.

Expert installation
With over 800.000 customers and counting, we're the premier installer of home solar and battery systems in America.

Access Sunrun Grid Services Programs
Sunrun is the nation’s premier Virtual Power Plant provider, offering top-tier grid services to our partners and utilities and increasing customer value - usually in the form of yearly cash payments!

Easy Process. Better Technology. Happy Customers.

Easy Process.

Better Technology.

Happy Customers.

five stars rating


San Diego, CA

Everything about this company was first class from design to installation including the Tesla reserve battery pack.

five stars rating


Sacramento, CA

From start to finish our process has been super smooth. Love the sleek new system and battery backup for when PGE elects to turn our power off.

five stars rating


San Diego, CA

They did a nice job and it was clean. They put it together quickly and it was better than expected. It's all working well and it worked during an outage.

Get an add-on battery

If you are a Sunrun solar customer in California and are interested in backup batteries, complete the form. We will contact you shortly to discuss next steps.



Add-on batteries are currently only available for Sunrun customers in California who are with PG&E, SMUD, LADWP, SCE or SDG&E. Availability in other locations is coming soon. Complete the form above to be contacted once add-on batteries become available in your location.

If you are eligible for our current Add-on battery solution, you’ll be contacted by a Sunrun representative who will guide you through the next steps of verifying your information and completing paperwork.

You can pay for your add-on battery in cash or a 10Y loan, which will enable payment in monthly installments.

We are currently offering Tesla Powerwall batteries, one of the most innovative and powerful batteries on the market.

A Sunrun representative can help you determine how many batteries you’ll need to achieve your goals. Sunrun offers up to 3 batteries.

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