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Sunrun CalReady

An exciting new program for qualifying battery customers in California to earn rewards by supporting the grid at key times (up to 36 days per year).
Use & export stored energy on critical demand days (max. 36/yr)
Get rewarded for preventing outages
Projected to be the largest Virtual Power Plant in history

Your battery system just got even more rewarding

Use & export stored power

From May 1 to October 31, your battery system will seamlessly send energy to your home and (when available) to the grid when electricity demand is highest. These CalReady “grid events” will occur on weekdays from 4-9PM and no more than 36 times per year.

Get rewarded

You’ll receive a $100 Visa Gift card to spend on whatever you’d like for each year you enroll. You’ll also receive Net Energy Metering (NEM) credit on your utility bill for any energy exported to the grid for these events.

Keep a reserve for backup

You’ll keep 20% of your battery’s energy reserved when grid events are called.* Additionally, your battery will not send any power to the grid during an outage.


CalReady is available to qualifying Sunrun solar & battery customers in California. We will reach out to you via email if you qualify and are auto-enrolled or need to manually enroll.

You’ll receive an email from sunrunsupport@mg.sunrunrewardcenter.com with details on claiming your $100 Visa Gift Card in November.

Sunrun watches storms closely, and has set up a weather readiness setting integrated into this program. If there is an upcoming outage or storm we can track, your battery will retain its power to prepare. 

Different types of home batteries (including Tesla, SolarEdge, and LG) behave slightly differently.

Our LG and SolarEdge batteries in California are pre-programmed to maximize utility bill savings for part or all of the year. 

This is possible by charging and discharging energy in accordance with your residential electric rate, while preserving 20% during discharge for backup power. In an outage, all remaining energy in your battery will be available for backup. This allows battery customers to use and export stored energy when demand is high instead of paying high prices for an equivalent amount of electricity from the grid.

In CalReady, your battery will work in the same fundamental way when triggered to discharge energy because of extreme demand on the grid (up to 36 days per year in this program). This means it will send power first to your home and then to the grid if energy is available beyond what your home uses at any given time.

*Your LG or SolarEdge battery will maintain a 20% backup reserve and will not discharge any energy to the grid in an outage.   


Tesla Powerwall batteries can be individually customized by each homeowner, for instance, to maximize self-consumption or maximize backup power. 

*Powerwalls enrolled in CalReady will start with a default CalReady backup reserve of 20% at the beginning of the program, but this can be changed any time in the Tesla App (except during grid events). On the (up to 36) CalReady evenings where the grid is expected to be severely strained, your battery will send energy to your home and (when available) export to the grid until reaching your backup reserve margin. In the event of an outage, your battery will not send any energy to the grid.

Yes, you can opt out of CalReady at any time by sending an email to grid_ops@sunrun.com.