How Does It Work?


Normal Use

Your home will use energy from your solar panels during the day and from the utility grid when you need extra energy. If you make more solar energy than you are using, you will sell that back to your utility for a credit.

Your battery will stay charged and ready for a power outage or a valuable peak demand time.

connectsolutions peak energy demand chart

Peak Energy Demand

Your home will automatically use energy from your battery. If you don’t need much energy at that time, your battery will send energy to the grid instead.

If you need more energy than your battery and panels have, you can always use energy from the grid.

connectedsolutions power outage chart

Power outage

Your home will automatically disconnect from the utility grid and use energy from your solar panels (during the day) and from your battery (at night). Even during times of peak energy demand your battery will keep at least 20% of its juice in case there is a power outage.

Curious about whether your battery is charging or discharging? You can see what’s going on using the mySunrun app.

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of this program, you will:

  1. Get a $150 gift card in the mail this October, and every year after for 5 years and;
  2. Help create a cleaner and more reliable electrical grid in your neighborhood.

Yes. Your battery will have a full charge most of the time. It’s unlikely that a power outage would happen during peak energy demand. If it does, your battery will hold 20% of its charge so that you can keep the lights on.

Energy is not easily stored, so energy providers like your utility have to match supply and demand in real time. That’s not easy to do. To meet peak energy demand, utilities often turn to a type of power plant known as a “peaker plant” — and they’re some of the dirtiest types of power plants. By using your battery during these times, you’re reducing strain on the grid and using a cleaner source of energy.

Energy demand typically spikes between 2pm to 7pm when people get home from work, and during very hot summer days when lots of people are using their A/C.

Simply sign the program enrollment form included in your Sunrun contract package when you sign up for solar and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’re not sure if you already signed up, contact Customer Care at [email protected] or 855-478-6786.

Yes, you can opt out of either a single day’s event or the ConnectedSolutions program at any time by calling Sunrun’s Customer Care team at 855-478-6786. If you opt out of the ConnectedSolutions program entirely, you will not receive the $150.