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Maximize your F-150 Lightning with at-home charging, Ford Intelligent Backup Power, and a Sunrun solar energy system. It's time to unleash the sun’s limitless energy with products exclusively engineered for your F-150 Lightning.

Enjoy expert installation from Sunrun professionals to ensure optimum placement and charging capabilities so you can effortlessly charge your truck at home. The Ford Charge Station Pro is included with every extended range Ford F-150 Lightning™ purchase.

Designed for your home

We’ll help you determine the right configuration for your home then work around your schedule for the quick, seamless installation of your Ford charge station.

Fast as lightning Full charge in only 8 hours!

The 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro provides you 30 miles of driving for every hour your Extended-Range F-150 Lightning™ is plugged in.1

Power of convenience

Takes seconds to plug in, and the quick charge means you can wake up every morning knowing your F-150 Lightning™ is ready to get the job done.

Unlock your truck’s potential with the Home Integration System

The Home Integration System and Ford Charge Station Pro were designed specifically for your F-150 Lightning™ and are required to enable Ford Intelligent Backup Power2.

Home Integration System hardware price: $3,895

Home Integration System installation price: Varies by location.

Control your power

Seamlessly sync your home and F-150 Lightning™ with the Home Integration System, which includes a first-of-its-kind power converter. This allows energy to flow both to and from your truck so your home’s energy can charge your F-150 Lightning™ or, in the event of a power outage, your F-150 Lightning™ can provide power to your home.

Power through outages

No power in the neighborhood? No problem. Use your F-150® Lightning™ to provide power to your home for up to 3-10 days, depending on your energy use³.


Starting from as little as $0 down4

Add a solar energy system to maximize your new F-150 Lightning™, EV Charging, and Ford Intelligent Backup Power. Your own rooftop power source provides clean energy at a predictable rate and gives your home and truck the energy it needs when the sun is out.

Pay how you want

Solar is an exciting opportunity for your future, so many assume the cost will be daunting. But we offer many financing options to suit your needs, including a monthly lease for as little as $0 down. It’s reliable power, at a reasonable price.

More power for less

Charging at home can cost less than charging at a public charging station but you should plan on at-home charging to require extra power usage. Maximize your savings with a Ford Charge Station powered by solar energy at a predictable rate.

Ford F-150 Lightning™ Preferred Charging Installer

Sunrun is the leader in renewable energy solutions. Our expert installation makes switching to an electric truck a seamless transition.

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You'll answer a few simple questions about your home and your charging preferences.

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We will have payment options for you, including credit or debit.

man doing site survey

Site Survey

Our team will survey your preferred setup and confirm requirements for installation.



You'll pick a date and we'll take it from there — we'll manage all steps required to permit, install, and activate.


Step Into the Future of Energy

Ford will email you when your F-150 Lightning™ is scheduled for production. At that point, give us a call at 855-341-0237 to schedule your installation. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sunrun is Ford’s Preferred Installer and can install the EV Charging and equipment that enables Ford Intelligent Backup Power in advance of your vehicle arriving at your dealership (subject to availability).

Sunrun provides installation for the Ford Charge Station Pro and Home Integration System in all 50 states + DC. However, in some Zip Codes, Sunrun installation is not available. You can check availability in your Zip Code at, or by calling 855-341-0237. If you have your own preferred electrician, Sunrun will sell the Home Integration System hardware to you without installation.

No, Sunrun's installation services (for EV Charging and/or Home Integration System) and solar products are separate purchases made with Sunrun once installations are available.

Sunrun will design your EV charging system based on your house and preferences. Most customers will choose to install their EV charger inside their garage but other locations (e.g. on the side of your house or even ground-mounted) can be available to you.

Sunrun requires customers to own the home where the modifications and installation are performed. Single family homes, townhouse-style residences, and duplex-style residences may be eligible for installation if owned by customers.

Base installation covers the services necessary for most installations. If home upgrades are necessary, like trenching or main electricity panel upgrade, additional costs will be communicated to you during the plan design and before installation.

Ford F-150 Lightning™ customers can choose any installation provider of their choice. Home Integration System hardware is required to enable Ford Intelligent Backup Power and will be available for purchase without Sunrun installation. Home Integration System should be installed by a licensed electrician.

Yes, the Ford Connected Charge Station and Ford Charge Station Pro Connector uses an industry-standard/universal SAE J1772 connector. This is compatible with all-electric vehicles on the market today that are compliant with SAE J1772, including Tesla with a commonly used adapter.

1Based on manufacturer calculation using computer engineering simulations. Your results may vary.

2Requires Home Integration System hardware and the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro - comes with the extended-range battery or may be purchased with the standard-range battery - to be installed.

3When home is properly equipped and home transfer switch disconnects home from the grid. Based on a fully charged F-150® Lightning™ with the extended range battery. Your results may vary based on your energy usage and home appliances. Rationing power assumes limiting the number of devices and turning the truck off when not needed.

4Qualifying customers may be eligible for the Sunrun monthly lease plan. Availability varies by state and location.