PowerOn Puerto Rico Terms & Conditions

Below are the full participant Terms and Conditions for the PowerOn Puerto Rico program with Sunrun. 

1. Participation Requirements

Participation in the PowerOn Puerto Rico Program does not require any additional service calls to your home or any hardware modifications to your battery system. Any operational changes will be made by Sunrun automatically. 

Enrollment is limited to the first 6,500 participants. Apply directly through your Tesla mobile App to submit your application. Your application will be reviewed and your Tesla App will be updated to reflect your participation status. Failure to submit your application before the enrollment cap of 6,500 customers is reached will result in a rejection of your participation. You will be notified of additional availability or if additional programs are offered. In order to participate in this program you must have an active Net Energy Metering account with LUMA/PREPA that is in good standing.

2. Program Term

PowerOn Puerto Rico will operate for up to 12 months, beginning on the Program Start Date determined by LUMA/PREPA and ending on the Program End Date. Nothing will be required of you when the Program concludes; your Powerwall will automatically resume pre-program behavior.

If the program is extended beyond 12 months Sunrun may automatically renew your participation earning you more rewards.

3. Consent

To participate in this program, you agree that this enrollment agreement is between Sunrun and yourself and that you have read and acknowledged these Terms and Conditions. 

4. Dual Participation

Participants of PowerOn Puerto Rico will be ineligible to participate in any other Virtual Power Plant programs during the term of your participation.

5. Privacy and Data Sharing

Participating in this program means you consent to Tesla and Sunrun sharing your account and battery system operational data with LUMA 12 months from the effective date or for the term of the program renewal dates, as needed for program administration. As a reminder, Sunrun will handle any personal information or data according to our privacy policy. 

Click here to review Sunrun’s Privacy Policy

6. Battery Operations

By participating in PowerOn Puerto Rico, your battery may be dispatched when all available generation resources are in use and the utility is not expected to meet forecasted energy requirements - i.e. a “grid event”. For the term of your participation, your Powerwall(s) may discharge from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM for up to 2 or 4 hours, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and weekends. Participants can expect approximately 50 grid events per year with the potential for up to 125 grid events annually. 

The discharged energy will power your home, and any excess energy will be exported to the grid. You’ll receive Net Energy Metering (NEM) credit toward your remaining utility bill for the excess energy you send to the grid in addition to the program payment.

Sunrun may conduct up to 10 additional tests on your Powerwall to confirm system functionality; you will not be compensated for the test events, but you will receive your regular net metering credits. LUMA will not have access to or control of your battery. If you determine any battery deficiency, problem, or operational issue, please contact Sunrun at grid_ops@sunrun.com.

7. Powerwall Backup Control

You will retain full control of certain features of your Powerwall(s) throughout the Program, including your backup reserve settings. During a grid event, the lower your backup reserve is set, the more energy your Powerwall will export to the grid, and the more money you’ll earn. 

You will be notified of grid events, and be given the chance to opt-out or adjust your backup reserve settings beforehand. In the event of a grid outage, your Powerwall’s stored energy will be fully available to power your home. Tesla’s Storm Watch feature is not impacted by the Program. LUMA/PREPA will never call a Grid Event prior to or during a major weather event.

8. Reward Structure

Participants in PowerOn Puerto Rico are entitled to receive a reward payment for delivering energy to the grid during a grid event. 

You can earn $1.00 per kWh that your Powerwall exports to the grid during an event. That adds up fast! For each event, you can select in your Tesla app how much energy you want to export for rewards and how much you want to reserve for backup power - or you can select to opt out of the event altogether.

9. Reward Payment

Sunrun will validate your system’s performance and will distribute payments to you at most twice a year, on a bi-annual basis. If your program participation does not meet a performance payout minimum of at least  $5.00 USD by the time of the first payment release, Sunrun will roll your first payment into your next subsequent payment until your balance reaches $5.00 USD. If your program participation payment falls below $5.00 USD at the end of the program term, Sunrun reserves the right to not issue a one-time payment. 

To streamline the payment process, payments may be rounded up or down in small amounts (for example - $5.00 USD). If rounded down, that rounding amount will be carried over to the next payment cycle. If rounded up, that amount will be deducted from the next payment cycle. 

Sunrun reserves the right to report all payments as income where required by law. Sunrun will accept all funds on your behalf from the Program and distribute them after an internal review. LUMA/PREPA will not be responsible for any compensation, refunds, or other payments relating to PowerOn Puerto Rico. Sunrun reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without prior notice, to suspend or cancel the promotion, or substitute the Offer Reward for any reason. Sunrun does not have a liability to the customer to compensate them for missed events because of delays in the approval process, or technology failures. 

10. Event Opt Out

Once you are successfully enrolled, your participation in grid events is optional. For all events that you participate in you will be compensated $1.00 per kWh exported. If you choose not to participate you will not be compensated. You can select your event preferences in the Tesla mobile app.

11. Program Opt Out

At any time during the program if you wish to stop participating you can unenroll by emailing grid_ops@sunrun.com. If you unenroll from the program, your Powerwall's export during any previous grid events will be validated and you will receive a final gift card for your earned rewards when Sunrun sends out reward payments. Once your unenrollment is confirmed you will be unable to earn additional rewards and you will be unable to re-enroll until the program is renewed.

12. Additional Terms

Participation in this program requires you to complete surveys related to the PowerOn Puerto Rico program. 

These Terms and Conditions may change from time to time; the date of last revision is identified below. Your continued enrollment in the program acknowledges changes to the Terms and Conditions which means you accept those changes, so please check back periodically for updates. You will be notified if there are material changes related to your system or termination of this program. 

Material changes to our Terms and Conditions could include changes in your discharge profile for your battery, other program terms, etc. Nonmaterial changes to our terms and conditions could be the number of participants allowed to participate in the Program.