Solar your way

Because your home is a unique snowflake.

Cookie cutters are for cookies.

But your home isn’t like anybody else’s and a one-size-fits-all solar solution won’t lower your bills like Sunrun can. That’s why we customize every system we install to fit our customers’ homes, lifestyles, and savings goals.

To do it, we created our own design technology called BrightPath™ that lets us quickly design a custom solar system with just a few pieces of information and satellite imagery of your roof. In a matter of seconds, BrightPath™ combs through thousands of potential designs, allowing us to create customized systems that maximize energy production better and faster than if we did it by hand.

But solar panels aren’t the only thing we customize. Since your finances are different from your neighbors’ down the street, we offer a choice of great payment options that put you in control of how you pay for solar.

Sound intriguing? It is. Talk to a Sunrun consultant and learn more about how we do solar your way.