Sunrun's Solar FAQs

Got questions? We've got answers. Get to the bottom of solar topics you care about most with explanations from our in-house solar professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Maintain Your Home Solar System Properly At Sunrun TM , we strive to make solar energy accessible to everyone, regardless if you choose to lease or purchase — your solar system still needs proper caring. Maintaining the health of your solar panels will guarantee... Read More >>

You’re ready for a highly efficient, money-saving solar system on your roof. Great! So, what size solar system should you have? Read More >>

Tiered utility rates are a structure in which the more electricity you use, the higher your rate gets. You are allowed a certain amount of power (kilowatt hours) in each tier. Once you've exceeded the amount in the tier, you move into the next highest tier. The lower tier rates... Read More >>

You have a choice when it comes to solar providers. Actually, a lot of choices. Read More >>

You don’t have to lift a finger because we take care of everything. Naturally you’ll have questions, and we’ll be right there to answer them. Read More >>

We get it, life happens. That’s why we have an entire team of professionals standing by to help you sell your solar home and transfer your contract to the new owners. Sunrun makes it easy to transfer your solar lease agreement and pass along those ridiculously low energy bills to... Read More >>

So how does solar work? Well, it’s surprisingly simple. We’ve broken it down for you to show you just how easy solar can be. Read More >>

Learn about how TOU Rates and Brightbox™ can work together “TOU” is short for Time of Use electricity rates. These rates are set by your local utility and they vary by time of day: more expensive during periods of peak demand and less expensive during low demand periods. For instance,... Read More >>

Knowing there had to be a more affordable way to bring clean energy to the people, we invented solar leasing and power purchase agreements, or PPAs. So instead of waiting years for a return on your investment, most Sunrun customers see big savings in just the first year. The difference... Read More >>

If your panels don’t produce the amount of power we said it would, we’ll pay you the difference, easy as that. Sunrun, save with the sun. Read More >>

Partnership is an easy term to throw around. But at Sunrun, it really means something. Our nationwide network of certified partners are the bedrock our business because they allow us to provide stellar Sunrun service where you live. How’s that for convenience? What’s more, they’re are a huge part of... Read More >>

Remember back in school when extra credit was kind of a big deal? Well now that you’re thinking about going solar, it is again. That’s because when your uber-efficient power-generating panels produce more energy than you need, you get automatic solar energy credit from the utility company. It’s like they’re... Read More >>