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Get started with solar today.

So, you’ve decided to look in to solar a little more. But how do you begin the solar process? Just a few minutes on the phone with one of our experienced consultants is all it takes to start going solar. If your home is a good match, we’ll quickly provide a free, customized quote and diagram of your new system. But if it’s not, we’ll tell you that, too. We’ll only begin the solar panel process and install a system if we think we can save you money. Most customers save 20% on their electric bills.*


Resources to get you started with solar:


Before your new panels go in and you officially start going solar, we’ll come to your home and review your current bill, learn all about your energy needs, and customize a precision system tailored just for you. Together we’ll select your panels, determine the best payment plan and begin the solar process, including whether it’s best to buy or lease. When you’re ready, just sign the agreement to lock in low energy costs for the next 20 years