Going Solar in San Diego

Clean Energy You Can Depend On at Prices You Can Afford

Just as San Diego offers a wealth of opportunities for you to enjoy the outdoors and beautiful weather, Sunrun offers a variety of solar and battery storage plans you can choose from to harness all that sunshine. No matter which option you choose, our Solar as a Service model will customize it to match your unique budget and lifestyle needs. Making installing solar panels and solar battery storage in San Diego a walk in the park (or beach).

Sunrun: Your Local San Diego Solar Company

Sunrun is the leading residential solar power provider, with hundreds of thousands of customers across the country. But our San Diego team is about more than the numbers - our Solar Consultants and Installers are San Diego locals that care about your neighborhood, because we live here too. Unlike the numerous “top” solar companies in San Diego that have come and gone, we’ve already been installing residential solar panels for 10 years and will be here to stay as your local solar company for many more.

3 Reasons to Love Brightbox - Solar Battery Storage in San Diego

1. Solar Panels and San Diego - A Perfect Match

If there’s one thing San Diegans can agree on, it’s having the most beautiful weather in the world. But with electricity rates that are almost 38%2 higher than those in the rest of the United States, living in paradise is far from free. Thankfully, these “ good weather taxes” come from Southern California enjoying an average of 266 days1 of sunshine each year - premium conditions for solar energy production.  

While we can’t do anything about the weather tax on your next case of craft beer, we can help you harness that sunshine to save money on your monthly electric bill.

2. Protection From Rising Energy Prices

As California Utilities transition to the Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate plan, electricity prices in San Diego are expected to double during peak demand hours. Using the Brightbox Solar Battery Service in San Diego saves you money by storing the clean, low-cost energy produced by your solar panels during the day. When prices go up, Brightbox smart technology automatically adjusts by sending the stored energy back to the grid in exchange for credits you can use to offset peak prices. Giving you clean, renewable energy when you need it at prices you can afford.

3. Peace of Mind During Unexpected Outages

The grid infrastructure in San Diego is not only outdated, it’s vulnerable to the natural disasters that are becoming increasingly frequent in Southern California. Avoid the stress to your wallet and mind with the Brightbox Solar Battery Service. Brightbox stores energy throughout the day not only for use when prices are high but also provides reliable power to the things you need most during an outage.

Solar Installation in San Diego Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Taking control of your energy costs is easier than ever before. With BrightSaveTM Monthly solar as a service leasing plan, you can set it and forget it with a low, locked-in rate for as little as $0 down.* Sunrun will cover the maintenance while you enjoy worry-free, long-term savings.

Looking to save even more? BrightSaveTM Prepaid gives you the same stress-free benefits of a lease without the monthly payments.

Put The Power In Your Hands

If you are ready to own your solar system, we have options for that too. BrightBuy™ gives you complete control over the equipment and tax credits; while helping increase your home’s value.3

If you want to own the system but prefer to hold onto the upfront cost for other improvement projects, BrightAdvantage™ is the perfect solar-financing for San Diego. With this option, you own the system and pay for it over time with low, fixed monthly payments, at competitive rates.

Some Things in Life Are Uncontrollable - How Much You Pay For Electricity Isn’t One of Them

There are a lot of reasons to go solar in San Diego, the question is: What’s Yours? Doing nothing can cost you $36,000+ in electricity over the next 20 years, and we are confident you could think of a better use for those five figures.

Contact our San Diego solar consultants today to get your free quote and embark on the path to saving with the sun.


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California Rate increase
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San Diego Schools

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Universities and colleges across the country are reducing carbon footprints - and San Diego is no different. There is a major push toward carbon neutrality on many campuses.

San Diego Government

Municipal & Government

San Diego wants to set the standard for protecting our environment. A recent report ranks the city #1 in solar energy capacity from its sun power efforts.

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The Carmel Valley Recreation Center in San Diego is going green with an energy saving project to outfit its rooftop and parking lot with solar panels.

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Things to Do

Even the military wants to reduce its "carbon bootprint." Our armed forces do it up green by supporting energy conservation talks at the USS Midway Museum.