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Home Solar in Las Vegas, Nevada

Thirty four states have cheaper energy rates than Nevada.1 Why? Because it was hotter than expected last year across our planet.2  It’s no surprise that as a desert climate, there are lots of air conditioners running in Las Vegas. Air conditioning is a huge contributor to your utility bill. But there’s no arguing that this appliance is literally a lifesaver.

Air conditioners are certainly not going away, and residential electricity rates are rising every year.3 On top of that, dangerous carbon emissions from fossil fuels (non-renewable energy sources) are creating hazardous conditions for our planet.

At Sunrun our goal is to help create a cleaner planet for everyone, and reduce the rising costs of your utility bill.

Solar Panel Savings in Las Vegas

If you’re thinking of going solar, your state is behind you. In fact, Nevada has one of the strongest Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in our country,4 with a firm commitment to reduce its carbon footprint.5

Sunrun is also behind you, supporting solar across America one residential roof at a time. In fact, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners save millions - and these figures continue to climb. Solar energy is popular and in demand and we plan on sticking around for quite some time.

Solar Options for Las Vegas, NV

Sunrun wants to be the go-to solar company for Las Vegas residents, so we've got options to suit your energy needs. We cover the basics below, but you can get more details here on the benefits of going Sunrun solar.

With BrightSave™ Monthly - our popular lease option - you get serious savings on your electric bill in the long run with 100% peace of mind. No more bigger (and bigger) energy bills for two decades when you lock in at today’s utility rate. You pay zero to little down for your solar energy system and get free maintenance with no hidden fees.

Or how about this? Make one payment upfront and lock in up to 25 years of worry-free electricity with BrightSave™ Prepaid. Avoid the cost of maintenance as Sunrun covers all parts and labor, and provides a performance guarantee. It’s like the benefits of a lease without the monthly payments. And because you’re prepaying, we can pass along more savings.

Powerful Savings with Solar Ownership

There are lots of people who want to own their own solar energy system. So the Sunrun portfolio includes BrightBuy™. You own your system and all the tax credits and incentives that our government and the state of Nevada may offer. No pesky monthly payments and a solar energy system backed by our high-quality workmanship and manufacturer warranties.

Don’t have the money to own outright? No problem. When you go with BrightAdvantage™ you can finance your solar system. You still keep all available rebates and incentives (same as full cash payment) and you still build equity in your home. The same as ownership without the upfront cost.

Sunrun Helps You Save Your Wallet & Save the Planet

There is no doubt that energy prices are rising.6 Going solar is the best way to offset this costs, and make a contribution to a healthy planet by reducing your carbon footprint at the same time. Win-win. Now, this is how you lower your electric bill in Las Vegas!

Get a complimentary solar quote today. You tell us about your energy needs and we’ll let you know your options and walk you through everything.

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UNLV is an institution of higher learning that is considered one of the most diverse universities in the country. They offer both a graduate certificate and a minor in solar and renewable energy.

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The vast deserts of Nevada create an environment hospitable to an abundance of solar energy. Find out what the government is doing to help expedite this inevitable growth.

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