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New Yorkers Can Go Solar & Save Thousands in Incentives

On top of all the savings you’ll generate from your roof, New York residents are eligible for state and federal solar incentives that could also save you thousands in your first four years of ownership. Add in plummeting solar prices1 and cheap, stable solar energy rates, and solar panels and battery storage are a no-brainer for New Yorkers.

Solar Panels in New York Keep The Lights Bright

New York might not be known for its weather, but here’s what you might not know - New York sunshine is plenty strong for solar. New York solar and battery storage is already powering more than 193,000 New Yorker’s homes.2 Last year, Tri-State families installed nearly 800 megawatts of solar power on their homes - double the solar installations of sunny Arizona.3

And thanks to initiatives like Governor Cuomo’s Reforming the Energy Vision4 and the nation’s second best solar tax credits,5 more New Yorkers than ever are going solar and saving big.

New York Solar Incentives, Rebates, & Tax Credits

Solar Savings Types Value of Savings
New York State Solar Energy System Equipment Credit 25% of their system cost, or $5,000 (whichever is less).
Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) 30% of the total system cost
New York City Property Tax Abatement 20% of the total system cost (after rebate)
Learn More About New York Solar Incentives

**Customer’s ability to monetize rebates, incentives and tax credits depends on several factors, including, without limitation, continued state subsidization of these policies, the applicable Sunrun product type, and whether a customer purchases or leases a solar system from Sunrun.

Sunrun: New York’s Top Solar Company

Sunrun is the leading residential solar power provider, with hundreds of thousands of customers across the country. But whether you live in a Brooklyn brownstone, a Long Island colonial or a Westchester tudor, you know that things are done differently in New York.

Sunrun’s New York team knows this, and knows how to make solar work for the Empire State. With thousands of existing customers and a partnership with National Grid to reach hundreds of thousands more,6 Sunrun is committed to bringing solar panels and storage to as many New Yorkers as possible. And while other New York solar companies have come and gone, Sunrun has been one of the top New York solar companies for over four years- and we’re here to stay.

Brightbox™ - Solar Battery Storage Powers You Through The Storm

You never know when the next storm will hit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. New York is aggressively pursuing solar battery storage to protect itself when the next Hurrican Sandy hits the state:7 why haven’t you?

Say “So long” to the dark ages with a solar battery energy storage solution that powers you through blackouts and power outages. In partnership with LG Chem, a world leader in lithium-ion batteries, Sunrun Brightbox™ keeps your lights on and your food cold with a clean energy solution that will help you save money. Lose the generator and win the storm!

Want peace of mind when the power goes out? Learn more about Brightbox™ New York and see how you can save the day.

$0 Down Solar Power: The Best Money You Never Spent

Did you know that you can start saving tomorrow, without paying a dime? With our most popular NY solar financing option, BrightSave MonthlyTM, you’ll pay $0 down and never pay for maintenance. Even better, you can still qualify for NY solar tax incentives:5 what New Yorker wouldn’t want free electricity? Save your home improvement budget for the new kitchen you’ve always wanted, and pay for your power, not the panels.

Your Home, Your Solar Panels, Your Savings

Energy independence is yours for the taking. Purchase your solar system from Sunrun with BrightBuy™ and own your system and savings for life. You’ll also be able to cash in on federal tax credits, not to mention the extra value added to your home.

Want to own your system for $0 down? Finance your system purchase with low, fixed monthly payments, competitive rates, and no upfront cost with BrightAdvantage™.

Prepare for Your Future Today

Solar panels in New York City are just a phone call away. Our solar experts are ready to work on your free, personalized quote to get you started. So why settle when you could save? At Sunrun, we’re here to help you every step of the way.


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