Solar Power Has Arrived in Texas

Have the Freedom to Create Your Own Texas Energy at Home with Sunrun

As a Texan, you know how strong the sun is in your part of the country, but until recently, harnessing all that solar energy in your household was very difficult. Now, there’s no reason to let all that sunshine go to waste because you have the option to install a Sunrun home solar system in Texas.

As the largest home solar company in the country,1 we Sunrunners have helped hundreds of thousands of Americans gain energy independence in the simplest and most affordable way possible — and we’re thrilled to bring our industry-leading experience to The Lone Star State.

By going solar with Sunrun, you can take advantage of the Texas Sun, one of the state’s most plentiful resources; while also taking control of your electric bills, reduce your carbon emissions, and potentially save thousands during the next 25 years.2

Maximize Your Solar Production with MP2 Energy’s Solar Buyback Program

At Sunrun, we believe your home energy should be yours to control. That’s why we’ve joined forces with MP2 Energy so you can get more value for the solar power you produce in Texas. MP2 Energy is owned by Shell Energy North America (SENA), one of the largest and most trusted energy suppliers in the country.

When you go solar with Sunrun, you’ll have the chance to sign up and participate in MP2 Energy’s Solar Buyback Program. This way, if your solar panels create a larger amount of energy than you need, you’ll earn bill credits with MP2 Energy.

Your credits are used to cover your electricity use when your system isn’t producing enough power, like on cloudy days or at night. Any credits you don’t use during the month roll over to the next month, for up to 12 months. All unused credits are cleared annually in December.

The best part? MP2 Energy’s Solar Buyback Program is renewed 4 times during your 25-year Sunrun contract, so you’ll be covered for 60 months. This is a unique feature other solar companies in Texas don’t offer.

Solar Journeys in Texas Start at Little to $0 Down

With BrightSave™ Monthly, our solar lease plan, you can go solar for as little as $0 down, and simply pay Sunrun monthly as you would your electric company. With this plan, you’ll get the same dependable power as full ownership, but with the added benefits of professional maintenance, monitoring, and predictable electric rates for 25 years. No other solar plan in Texas’ solar market gives you this much value for your money.

Or if you prefer the worry-free benefits of a lease without monthly solar payments, here’s BrightSave™ Prepaid. With our full amount solar lease, Sunrun’s reliable, transparent locked-in rates take the stress out of paying for electricity bills, because, you never have to worry about surprise rate increases. We tell you upfront exactly what you will pay Sunrun in every year of the contract. BrightSave Prepaid also includes the Sunrun Guarantee for full peace of mind.

System Owners Can Enjoy Even More Benefits with Texas Solar Incentives

Interested in becoming a solar owner? Putting your name on the system means going into business with the Texas Sun, and there may not be a more reliable partner out there. Plus, with Sunrun, you have the choice to purchase your system upfront with BrightBuy™ or, for $0 down and low, fixed monthly payments with BrightAdvantage™.

As a Texas solar owner, you’ll also be eligible for some attractive solar incentives: like a solid property tax exemption3 and a 30% federal tax credit.4** With these additional solar benefits, along with the fact owning a system could increase your home value5, it’s easy to see why solar installations in TX are a smart investment.

Go Solar with Sunrun Today, and Help Shape The Texas of Tomorrow

We Sunrunners believe solar is the home energy solution for Texas’ bright future. A solution that may end up saving you thousands of dollars in electricity costs through the next 25 years.

See if clean, renewable energy is right for your home, today by requesting a free, personalized solar quote. This way, together, we can change the way we power Texas.

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