Solar Power Has Arrived in Texas

Finally! You can produce your own electricity in Texas with Sunrun Solar

As a Texan you know how strong the sun is in your part of the country but until recently there was no way you could harness it.  Now, there is no reason to let all that sun go to waste as Sunrun home solar installation is available in Texas!

By going solar with Sunrun you can take control of your energy costs and take advantage of one of Texas’ most plentiful resources. As the largest home solar company in the country1 we have helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners gain energy independence and are thrilled to bring our industry-leading experience to the Lone Star State.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Installing Solar in Texas

  1. Solar works year-round - No matter what the weather is or what time of year it is, solar systems will produce power during daylight hours.  Just as you can get a sunburn when it is cloudy out, solar systems can produce electricity. While there are seasonal variations in peak production, solar can be relied upon for energy all year around.2
  2. Are solar panels in Texas worth it? - If you have ever asked “are solar in texas worth it?” the definitive answer is now “YES.” With Sunrun you can lease solar panels in Texas and have a system installed for $0 down.  You can even save money on day one compared with what you are paying to your Retail Energy Provider and Utility.
  3. You are still connected to the grid - And that is a great thing! Staying connected to the grid with a solar system means that even when the sun goes down, you continue to have power.
  4. Sunrun does all the heavy lifting - Going solar is easy with Sunrun.  We design a customized system, secure the necessary permits, complete a high quality installation, coordinate building inspections and make sure everything is squared away with your connection to the utility.
  5. Maintenance is covered, performance is guaranteed - As one of the most experienced solar installers in Texas, you are in good hands with Sunrun. We monitor and maintain our systems and guarantee that they will produce what we say they will.  If they don’t, we pay you back for the difference!

Power Your Home with Texas Solar for $0 Down

Our solar plan options can be crafted to fit your unique lifestyle and budget while maximizing the potential for savings. With  BrightSave® Monthly, our solar lease plan, you can go solar for $0 down and simply pay us monthly as you would your utility company.  

Our consistent, transparent locked-in rates take all the stress out of purchasing electricity.  With Sunrun, you never have to worry about surprise rate increases or expiring promo periods. We tell you upfront exactly what you will pay us in every year of the contract.  BrightSave also comes with free installation, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, and our solar performance guarantee for total peace of mind.

Purchase Your System and Benefit from Texas Solar Incentives

Set on buying your own solar system? You can purchase upfront with BrightBuy™ or sign up for solar financing with BrightAdvantage™. Owning the system means going into business with the sun, and there may not be a more reliable partner out there.  

In addition to the electricity that the system generates, purchasing home solar panels in Texas may also allow you to take advantage of incentives, like the Renewable Property Tax Exemption3 and the Federal Investment Tax Credit.4  With these benefits, plus the fact that owning a system can increase your property value, it is easy to see why solar is a smart investment.

Maximize your solar with Think Energy by ENGIE

Here at Sunrun, we’re constantly looking for ways to save you money. That’s why we’re collaborating with Think Energy by ENGIE so you can get the full value of your solar energy. Think Energy is one of the most trusted electric companies in the country, offering competitive pricing, easy-to-use online tools, and best-in-class customer service. We wouldn’t partner with them for anything less.

When you go solar with Sunrun, you’ll have the chance to sign up with Think Energy and participate in its solar buyback program. You’ll get credits for any excess electricity your home solar system produces. Any credits you don’t use roll over month-to-month for a maximum of 12 months. What's even better? You have peace of mind that Think Energy is going to buy back your excess power and offer you competitive green energy rates for 20 years. This is a partnership that other solar companies in Texas can’t offer and it means you can step off the retail energy rate rollercoaster and know you’re protected from rising energy costs.

Go Solar Today and Help Shape The Texas of Tomorrow

We believe that in Texas, solar power is the home energy solution of the future.  All it takes is a simple phone call to begin customizing your solar system design. Sunrun or one of our local partners will help prepare your one-of-a-kind design and present you with a free quote based on your home needs and payment preferences. We look forward to meeting you!

See how solar can benefit you in a matter of minutes by getting a free quote or giving us a call.  

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