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Houston is known as the center of the oil and gas industry in the U.S., earning it the nickname of “The Energy Capital of the World.”1 And now, Houston is extending the meaning of its nickname in a cleaner and more reliable way: by adopting solar as its energy of the future.

According to a recent report, solar energy in Houston grew by almost 20% in 2017,2 and that number will continue increasing in the coming years. So there hasn’t been a better time to go solar in Houston with a Houston solar company like Sunrun. Which beyond helping you reduce your carbon emissions and save money on your electric bills, you’ll also be in control of your home energy.  


Installing a Home Solar System in Texas Is a Smart Investment

Aside from the savings you could generate from your roof, Texas residents are eligible for some great solar incentives.

Like the unique solar buyback program we created with MP2 Energy, which allows you to earn credits for the excess energy you create; as well as a solid property tax exemption3 and a 30% federal tax credit if you choose to become a solar owner in The Lone Star State.4

Maximize Your Solar Production with MP2 Energy’s Solar Buyback Program

At Sunrun, we believe your home energy should be yours to control, so we’ve joined forces with MP2 Energy to get you more value for the solar power you produce in Texas. MP2 Energy is owned by Shell Energy North America (SENA), one of the largest and most trusted energy suppliers in the country.

How does it work? When you go solar with Sunrun, you’ll have the chance to sign up and participate in MP2 Energy’s Solar Buyback Program. This way, if your home solar system creates a larger amount of energy than you need, you’ll earn bill credits with MP2 Energy.

Your credits are used to cover your electricity use when your system isn’t producing enough power, like on cloudy days or at night. Any credits you don’t use during the month roll over to the next month, for up to 12 months. All unused credits are cleared annually in December.

The best part? MP2 Energy’s Solar Buyback Program is renewed 4 times during your 25-year Sunrun contract, so you’ll be covered for 60 months. This is a unique feature other solar companies in Texas don’t offer.

How to Go Solar in Houston

At Sunrun, we know choosing an electricity provider can be confusing and stressful. That’s why we do everything in our power to ensure your switch to clean, renewable energy is as simple and affordable as possible.

As the nation’s largest home solar company, we Sunrunners will put our experience to work to create the ideal solar solution for your unique budget and energy needs. And regardless if you decide to lease or purchase your new set of Houston solar panels, you can rest easy knowing you made a smart choice.

Why Choose Sunrun?

Since 2007, hundreds of thousands of Americans have chosen Sunrun to power their homes with solar energy. Sunrun has helped them save hundreds of millions of dollars on their electric bills* and produce nearly 4 billion kilowatt-hours of clean energy.5

We also monitor our customer’s home solar systems daily and offer free maintenance, repairs, and comprehensive insurance through our Sunrun Guarantee.

You Can Switch to Solar in Houston for Little to $0 Down

With BrightSave™ Monthly, you can lease a brand-new home solar system and get the same dependable power as full ownership. With the added benefits of professional maintenance, monitoring, and predictable rates for 25 years. No other solar plan in Texas gives you this much value for your money.

Or, with BrightSave™ Prepaid, you can get the worry-free benefits of a lease without monthly solar bills. Just make a simple, one-time upfront payment, and you’ll lock yourself to 25 years of power at a lower price than your electric company today. BrightSave Prepaid comes with bumper-to-bumper coverage for the life of the system, too. Going solar doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Solar Owners in TX Enjoy Even More Benefits

Owning a home solar system in Houston means you’ll be proud of your decision every day. Because, you’ll put your name on the system, the power, and the savings for life — all of this while boosting your home value by around 20 times your yearly savings.6

Best of all, at Sunrun, you have the choice to buy your system upfront with BrightBuy™ or, for $0 down and low, fixed monthly payments with BrightAdvantage™. On top of that, as a Texas solar owner, you’re also eligible for a solid state property tax exemption and a 30% federal tax credit.7** With these extra benefits, it’s easy to see why home solar installations are a smart investment in Texas.

Now’s the Time to Make Your Own Energy in Houston

Houston has a 50-megawatt solar facility that powers up to 10.5% of the city’s electricity with solar energy.8 And now, with Sunrun, you can install a solar panel system on your roof to create your own power at home; while helping us build a cleaner, more affordable and reliable future for you and your community.

Plus, switching to solar in Houston can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your future electric bills.9* Get your free, personalized quote, today to see if Sunrun is a right fit for your home.

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