Monthly Solar Loan from Sunrun

Take Control of Your Energy with Custom Home Solar Power and Battery Storage

Purchasing your own home solar system is within reach. When you go solar with Sunrun’s monthly solar panel loan, cost doesn’t have to be a barrier. You can get a custom solar system with little to no upfront cost, fixed monthly loan payments, and a competitive interest rate. You can also add a solar battery, qualify for solar incentives, and potentially build property value.

The Perks of Financing a Sunrun Solar System

Competitive Solar Loans

Expert Solar Support

Get Solar Incentives

Sunrun’s monthly solar loan process is straightforward and hassle-free. Enjoy quick approvals and competitive interest rates when you apply for a solar loan.

We’re here for you every step of the way. From paperwork to permits, our experienced Solar Advisors can handle all aspects of your home solar system installation.

Solar incentives, like federal and state tax credits, solar rebates, and sales and property tax exemptions, will go directly to you.

Solar ownership is at hand

Best-in-class solar and storage
Finance your system with as little as 0 down
Qualify for the 30% federal tax credit
Discover the incentives in your state

Sunrun Solar Plans and Services
We’ll customize your agreement based on your individual needs
Most Popular
Sunrun's solar lease plan offers predictable rates while providing clean, affordable, resilient energy for as little as $0 down. You’ll only be responsible for paying a low monthly bill or pay the lease up-front.
Low upfront cost
Rate hike protection
25 year warranty
100% service coverage
$0 to little down
Payment to Sunrun
Sunrun owns and maintains system
Sunrun's monthly loan gives you the benefits of owning your solar energy system through fixed monthly payments at a competitive rate.
Purchase and finance
Rate hike protection
OEM warranty for parts
100% service coverage available with Protection Plus
$0 down
Payment to loan provider
Homeowner owns and maintains system
Sunrun allows customers to purchase solar system fully outright.
Own your system outright
Rate hike protection
OEM warranty for parts
100% service coverage available with Protection Plus
Full system cost
Homeowner owns and maintains system



Leasing and buying solar panels come with their own unique advantages.

Purchasing solar generally requires upfront investment which can make it cost-prohibitive for many. That’s why Sunrun offers stress-free solar leasing so you can switch to solar for as little as $0 down. When you lease solar panels or pay for power through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you are only responsible for a locked-in monthly payment. Since Sunrun owns the system when it is leased, we’ll also provide top-notch monitoring and maintenance during the length of your agreement, free of charge. That means clean, worry-free energy. And if it breaks, we’ll fix it.

We also know that many people want to own their equipment which is why Sunrun also gives you the option to buy your solar panels. When you own your solar system, you own your production and all the benefits that come with solar investment. That means solar incentives like state solar rebates, net metering and the federal solar tax credit will go directly to you. However, you’ll be responsible for any repairs and maintenance your solar system needs outside the scope of your solar system’s warranty.

To learn more about which solar plan is right for you, get connected with one of our solar advisors today at 1-844-321-6937

Our monthly solar loan allows you to finance your home solar system purchase with as little as $0 down, along with low fixed monthly payments and a competitive interest rate. Monthly payments on the solar loan will go to the loan provider. 

When you decide to own a system using a solar loan, you'll enjoy all the solar incentives for which you may qualify, like the federal tax credit, property and sales tax exemptions, and solar rebates.

At Sunrun, we’re here to guide you every step of the way:
Reach out to request a free solar quote.

You’ll hear from one of our knowledgeable Solar Advisors to provide you with a free energy consultation.

We'll discuss the financing options that best match your budget and unique needs.
After your consultation, your Sunrun Advisor will create a proposal, including a home solar panel system design tailored to maximize energy production at home and a final loan quote. You can also review your solar and storage products and choose to add our comprehensive Sunrun Service Warranty on top of your equipment’s manufacturer warranty.
Once you decide that our monthly solar loan plan is right for your needs, we’ll reach out to one of our trusted loan providers to help you get a fast-approval finance plan with fixed, low-interest rates.

Figuring out if your home is good for solar relies on several factors, like where your house is located, the angle of your roof, roof shading, and how old your home is.

In order to understand if your home is suitable for solar, get in touch with one of our Solar Advisors. They’ll run a personalized analysis of your home with BrightPath™, our proprietary solar design technology. We’ll only recommend solar if it’s the right fit for your home energy needs.

Every household will need a different number of panels based on how much energy it uses, the climate in the area, and how much direct sunlight hits its roof. To learn more about these factors, click here.

We’ll figure out how much power a system will need to produce to power your home during your free consultation.

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