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Energy Independence Can Be Yours With A Monthly Solar Loan

Take control of your energy with a monthly solar loan that puts the power in your hands. Now, you can finance your solar system with low, fixed monthly loan payments, a competitive interest rate, and little to no upfront cost. Keep the tax credits, build equity in your home,1 and claim your slice of the sun with BrightAdvantage.

The advantages of a monthly solar loan with Sunrun

solar loan

Hassle-Free Solar Loans

Getting a loan with Sunrun is simple and hassle free. Approvals are quick and our interest rates are competitive.

solar home

Your Home & Lifestyle are Personal

We’ll even take care of any paperwork, permits, and handle all aspects of your battery and solar panel installation.

solar home

Solar Incentives, Directly to You

With a solar loan you can own your system and savings for life. You might qualify for local incentives like solar rebates, sales and property tax exemptions, and more. 

Choose where your power comes from

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Compare Monthly Solar Loan plan with the other Sunrun solar plans and services

Monthly Lease

Full Lease

Full Purchase

Monthly Loan

Benefit $6 for 6 months 🙌 Pay now, save later Own your system outright Purchase and finance
System ownership Sunrun Sunrun Homeowner Homeowner
Upfront payment $0 to little down ~25 years of energy cost Full system cost $0 down
Monthly payment To Sunrun To loan provider
Rate hike protection Green Check Green Check Green Check Green Check
Warranty Green Check Green Check Green Check Green Check
Full Service Green Check Green Check With Protection Plus With Protection Plus
Benefit: $6 for 6 months 🙌
System ownership: Sunrun
Upfront payment: $0 to little down
Monthly payment: To Sunrun
Rate hike protection Green Check
Warranty Green Check
Full Service Green Check
Benefit: Pay now, save later
System ownership: Sunrun
Upfront payment: ~25 years of energy cost
Monthly payment:
Rate hike protection Green Check
Warranty Green Check
Full Service Green Check
Benefit: Own your system outright
System ownership: Homeowner
Upfront payment: Full system cost
Monthly payment:
Rate hike protection Green Check
Warranty Green Check
Full Service With Protection Plus
Benefit: Purchase and finance
System ownership: Homeowner
Upfront payment: $0 down
Monthly payment: To loan provider
Rate hike protection Green Check
Warranty Green Check
Full Service With Protection Plus

Frequently Asked Questions

Leasing and buying solar panels come with their own unique advantages.

Going solar can be costly. That’s why Sunrun offers stress-free solar leasing so you can go solar for as little as $0 down. You’ll only be responsible for paying a low monthly bill or pay the lease upfront, locking in long-term savings. Because Sunrun owns the system, we’ll also provide top-notch monitoring and maintenance during the length of your agreement, free of charge. That means clean, worry-free energy that’s guaranteed to save you money. And if it breaks, we’ll fix it!

Sunrun also gives you the option to buy your solar panels. When you own your solar system, you own your savings. That means solar incentives like state solar rebates, net metering and the federal solar tax credit will go directly to you. You could also recoup the cost of your investment thanks to the value it adds to your home*. However, you’ll be responsible for any repairs and maintenance your solar system needs outside the scope of your solar system’s warranty.

See how much you could save with Sunrun and get connected with our Solar Advisors to see what plan is right for you.


BrightAdvantage allows you to finance your solar system purchase with low, fixed monthly payments, upon qualification; at a competitive interest for as little as $0 down. When you buy your own system, you will directly receive the federal and state  solar incentives, tax credits and rebates for which you are qualified.

Solar panels are known to increase property values by up to $20,000 on average.* However, most states offer Property Tax Exemptions on solar systems. That means you won’t have to pay extra for the value your solar system adds to your home, and when you decide to sell it you may even be able to recoup the cost of your solar system. Going solar is just the gift that keeps on giving.


Solar panels can last anywhere between 25 to 30 years, sometimes more.* But this doesn’t mean the panels on your roof will stop producing electricity after a couple of decades. It just means their energy production will decrease by what solar panel manufacturers consider optimal to meet the average American family’s energy needs. With the proper care and maintenance, you can expect to receive significant solar savings in the next 20 to 30 years.  

When you choose to lease your solar system through Sunrun, you’ll also get a comprehensive solar panel service guarantee that’ll keep your system in top shape for years to come. Talk to our Solar Advisors to explore all of our flexible financing options.


Every household is going to require a different number of panels based on how much energy your family uses, your climate, and how much direct sunlight hits your roof (to read up more on these factors, click here).

During your free consultation, we’ll figure out how much power a solar system will need to produce in order to power your home.

Solar panels are known to increase property values by up to $20,000 on average.* So when you decide to sell your home, you could possibly see an even higher return on your investment when you install your own solar system.


With BrightAdvantage, you can enjoy the benefits of going solar like a lower electricity bill, tax credits, solar rebates, and hassle-free financing without having to pay the full cost of a solar system up front.We partner with trusted loan providers to help you get fast approvals and low, fixed interest rates, hassle-free.

By financing your system, you can enjoy the benefits of going solar at little to no up-front cost.  

See the states where Sunrun is currently available and what solar incentives might be offered in your state. Some of the most common solar incentives include state tax credits, net metering, and rebates from your local utility. No matter what state you live in, you’ll also be eligible for the Federal Tax Credit when you purchase your own solar system.

Studies have shown that owning solar panels can significantly increase your property value. Solar homes in California sell for $20,000 more on average, while solar homes in other states sold for about $15,000 more. With numbers like that, you can likely recoup the cost of your solar system when you sell your home. Not only will you enjoy clean, reliable energy—you’ll sleep easy knowing you made a smart investment.

We stand by our solar systems and only use solar technology that maximizes quality, efficiency, and affordability. All of our solar systems are backed by robust warranties. Because BrightAdvantage customers own their solar systems, they will have to cover the cost of repairs that are outside the scope of the warranty.

We only choose best-in-class equipment, including solar panels and batteries, with the highest quality workmanship. All of our solar equipment is backed by robust warranties. Contact our Solar Advisors to learn more today.

Figuring out if your home is good for solar relies on a number of factors, like where your house is located, the angle of your roof, roof shading, and how old your home is.

In order to understand is your home is a good candidate for solar, get in touch with one of our Solar Advisors. They’ll run a personalized analysis of your home with our proprietary solar design technology, BrightPath™. We’ll only recommend solar if it’s the right fit for your home energy needs and profile.

Our holistic home solar battery storage service, Brightbox, could help you save even more on your electricity bill by offsetting expensive electricity rates and avoid having to spend on costly generators.

As of now, Brightbox is only available in select eligible markets, and is available to new Sunrun customers only. See if Brightbox is available in your area.

Take it from the hundreds of thousands of customers that have already gone solar with Sunrun—as the #1 home solar company in the US, we’d say the numbers speak for themselves. Read the reviews.

Once you’re approved for a solar installation, your home will undergo a site assessment and an expert solar technician will visit your home to confirm your system design.

After that, our Solar Design Experts will make any necessary adjustments to your design and get your final approval. Once it’s approved, we’ll submit your design to the city for permitting, which can take up to eight weeks. From there, either Sunrun or one of our local certified partners will  perform your solar installation. We only partner with the top-rated solar installers , so you can rest assured knowing you’ll have the highest quality solar installation available.

When your installation is finished, the city or county will perform a final inspection on your system. Once it’s approved, it’ll be connected to the grid and we’ll submit your documents to the utility company. After your utility company grants Permission to Operate, you’re ready to start powering your home with the sun.

Want to learn more? Here’s a detailed timeline of our Solar Installation process.  

The interest on loans for solar panels are only tax deductible if they are secured loans, such as a home equity loan. BrightAdvantage is an unsecured loan through one of our trusted loan partners, so the interest on your loan will not be eligible for a tax deduction. However, you’ll be able to purchase a solar system for little to $0 down with the added benefit of low, fixed interest rates. You’ll also still be able to take advantage of incentives like the 30% federal tax credit. To learn more, get in touch with one of our Solar Advisors to see if you qualify.  

At Sunrun, we’re here to guide you. First, see if you qualify for one of our Sunrun plans. Then, you’ll hear from one of our knowledgeable Solar Advisors to provide you with a complimentary energy consultation. We’ll then discuss the financing options that make the most sense for you.

After your consultation, your Sunrun Advisor will create a proposal including a final loan quote and a solar system design tailored to maximize energy production in your home. You can also review your Sunrun hardware and choose to add our comprehensive Sunrun Service Warranty to your equipment’s existing hardware warranty.

Once you decide that BrightAdvantage is right for you, we’ll reach out to one of our trusted loan providers to help you get fast approvals and fixed, low interest rates. Upon qualification, you’ll be on your way to owning your system for little to no money down.