LADWP’s Environmental Initiatives

Learn About LADWP’s Sustainable Initiatives and Programs

As California's climate changes, natural disasters, and extreme weather continue to challenge our preparedness. That’s why The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power is committed to environmental stewardship in all regions where they work, own and maintain land to make sure local communities are kept clean, healthy, and safe.1

LADWP’s Environmental Sustainability Efforts

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

According to recent data, Los Angeles is the #1 city for solar installations in the U.S.,2 and with more solar panels shining on the roofs of Angelenos day after day, the lower L.A.’s carbon emissions get. Just one of the many reasons why LADWP is fully on board with L.A.’s 100% carbon-neutral goal by 2050.3

In 2017, LADWP achieved the goal of producing 25% of all of its energy-retail sales from renewable energy sources, including customer-owned rooftop solar systems and ground-mounted solar installations, as well as geothermal power projects, hydroelectric plants, and wind power from LADWP’s “Pine Tree Wind Farm.”4

Greywater Systems

LADWP is promoting the use of untreated and treated greywater in home buildings in Los Angeles, so customers can help boost water conservation efforts, protect natural resources, and get more water savings in Southern California.5

Every gallon of greywater used by the average L.A. family means there’s less potable water demand for toilet flushing, landscape, and irrigation. For example, a home that uses 50 gallons of greywater per day will reduce California’s energy demand by approximately 108 kilowatt-hours each year.6

Community Solar Program

LADWP is offering Solar Rooftops, a Community Solar Program designed to expand the access of solar power to qualified low-income customers who can’t install solar panels at home.

When a customer applies for Solar Rooftops, LADWP will inspect their home to ensure the roof can support the panels and that there are no shading issues from trees or structures close by to work correctly. After passing the inspection, LADWP will install the home solar system and will either issue a $360 check each year, or a $30 monthly bill credit to the new Solar Rooftops participant.

The Solar Rooftops program is valid for up to 20 years, and it doesn’t require any upfront costs, annual fees, credit checks, or maintenance costs to enjoy the benefits of clean energy.7Download an LADWP Solar Rooftop Program application.  

Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate Program

While Los Angeles has long held the title of “The City with the Worst Air Quality in the U.S.,8 ” thanks to recent electric-only transportation policies, L.A.’s air quality has been improving significantly.9

To keep L.A.’s air-purifying momentum going, LADWP is working hard to expand the support of electric transportation with “Charge Up LA!,” an electric vehicle incentive program in which LADWP home customers can receive a rebate of up to $500 for the purchase of a qualified EV charger, along with special rate plans for charging their EVs.10

LADWP is Committed to a More Sustainable Future, Are You?

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