SMUD’s Environmental Initiatives

Learn How SMUD Is Reducing Their Environmental Impact

Environmental leadership is one of Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s core values, that’s why they’re always looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment, improve air quality in the region, and conserve and preserve natural resources for future generations while meeting the electricity needs of their customers.1

SMUD’s Sustainable Initiatives and Programs

Climate Readiness

As energy demand increases and generation and distribution efficiency are impacted by extreme weather impacts like wildfires and drought, SMUD is working hard to understand and use climate science to make their operations more resilient.

By addressing impacts of extreme weather and the most vulnerable parts of their infrastructure, SMUD has made great progress to ensure customers and communities in Sacramento and Placer counties are kept safe and connected to the electric grid for years to come.2

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

SMUD is committed to sustainability in everything they do, and they prove this commitment by actively embracing a low-carbon future and by offering customers affordable and reliable energy choices.

SMUD’s objective is to supply 33% of their energy from renewable resources like solar, wind, and hydropower by 2020 — all the way up to 50% by 2030.3 Meaning, SMUD’s fully on board with the State of California’s 100%-clean-energy goal by 2045.4

Community Solar Program

SMUD has partnered with customers, local schools, not-for-profits, and low-income housing organizations to create a solid Community Solar Program to educate the community on the value of renewable energy and to bring the benefits of solar power to more people in Sacramento and Placer counties.

In local schools, SMUD promotes hands-on solar energy education with events like the California Solar Regatta,5 and by using the Solar SunFlower, the first interactive-learning solar laboratory in the U.S. The Solar SunFlower is an 18-foot flower-shaped structure with six solar panels that are able to generate 400 watts of electricity to charge electronic devices and show exactly how solar energy works.6

And, with the support of customers like you, SMUD’s Community Solar Program is sponsoring the installation of solar panels in low-housing projects of not-for-profits such as Habitat for Humanity, while providing information and solar installation training to homeowners and volunteers. Become a sponsor of SMUD’s Community Solar Program.  

Electric Vehicles

SMUD is reducing the use of gas-powered vehicles in Sacramento Valley by expanding their fleet of plug-in hybrids and electric cars and installing more fast-charging stations throughout their service area.

SMUD is also offering special, money-saving Time-of-Use charging rates to new and current electrical car owners. Besides, with SMUD’s home EV financial incentives, customers who own or lease a new plug-in electric vehicle can enjoy free charging for two full years or, they can choose to receive a new home EV charger for free.7 Apply for your SMUD EV incentive.

Tree Protection and Preservation

SMUD knows trees are an important part of Sacramento’s urban landscape. Not only because they look beautiful, but also because trees clean the air, provide shade, block the sun’s heat, and help homeowners increase their energy efficiency.

SMUD’s Vegetation Management team regularly inspects, prunes and, when needed, replaces trees to ensure all of their electric grid’s components are kept clear of trees — to reduce the chance of an outage.8

Bird Protection

Since the 1980s, SMUD has been implementing cost-effective strategies with the help of industry and wildlife experts to protect birds in the area by keeping them out of SMUD’s electrical system. These strategies include adding space between power lines to reduce the chance of contact, and the addition of insulating materials to overhead poles and wires to keep birds safe from electrical shock.

SMUD also tracks bird species who tend to come in contact with poles and substations and then uses this information in the design of their new facilities.9 To report birds building nests on utility poles or substations; please contact SMUD’s Avian Protection hotline at 1-916-732-5063.

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