Lock in Long-Term Savings with Solar Panels and Battery Storage in Sacramento

Don’t Let Sacramento’s Bountiful Sunshine Go to Waste, Start Saving Today

On average, Sacramento enjoys 270 sunny days per year.1 A gargantuan amount of Vitamin D you can use to offset your expensive residential electricity bills, which according to studies, are almost 30% greater compared to other U.S. states.2

Going solar with Sunrun, won’t only give you access to clean, affordable, reliable energy for years to come; and reduce your carbon footprint while you’re at it. Get peace of mind with solar panels in Sacramento.

Lease? Finance? Purchase? Sunrun’s Solar Plans Got You Covered

We offer several solar plan options that allow you to start saving money for little to $0 down.  Now’s a perfect time begin your solar Sacramento journey.

Since 2007, hundreds of thousands of Americans have chosen Sunrun to electrify their homes with clean, affordable, renewable energy. In a nutshell, switching to solar is a smart choice.

Save More and Protect Yourself from Outages with Sunrun Brightbox™

Brightbox is more than solar battery storage in Sacramento. It’s a holistic service with a home battery unit, charged by your solar panels, capable of maintaining your devices running in the event of an outage — or at night — for approximately 8 to 12 hours.**

Plus, you’ll stop worrying about Time-of-Use (TOU) rates pressuring you to use your power-munching appliances when the demand for energy from the grid is not as high. With Brightbox, you can store low-cost power through off-peak times and later use it during peak hours. This means you’ll get the lowest rates possible even when your utility is billing the most for electricity. Yes, Brightbox is the future of stored energy, and it’s waiting for you with open arms.

$0 Down: The Best Money You Never Spent

BrightSave™ Monthly is our most popular plan and lets you save big on your total electricity costs* for little to $0 down while enjoying an industry-leading service package and system performance guarantee. We’ll even handle the maintenance and monitoring for 20 years.

Want the worry-free benefits of a lease and no monthly payments? BrightSave™ Prepaid will hit your savings spot. This plan locks you to 20 years of power at a lower rate than your utility today and comes with bumper-to-bumper coverage for the life of the product. 

Buy Your Sacramento Solar Panels and Build Home Equity

Experience the pride of ownership today with Sunrun’s BrightBuy™ plan. With systems designed to last 30+ years, you’re looking at some serious long-term savings. Besides, solar owners get to enjoy top-tier benefits, such as a 30% federal tax credit and the nation’s second-best property tax exemption.5 

Or, if you prefer the full benefits of ownership for $0 down, there’s BrightAdvantage™. With this pan, you can break into with low, fixed monthly payments, competitive rates, and no upfront cost. 

Sacramento Is a Perfect Place to Go Solar

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Universities & Colleges

Sacramento is the hub of renewable technologies in California. Students who study in this capital city will make critical decisions on our clean-technology issues of tomorrow.

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Municipal & Government

Sacramento ranks 5th in California for clean energy jobs. This capital city is on the cutting edge of renewable tech and is home to more than 200 green businesses and organizations.

Sacramento Parks


Check out Sutter’s Landing Park in Sacramento - a solar installation built on top of the city's former landfill. Covered carport, shaded trees and dog park included.

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Close to Sacramento you'll find the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, home to the country's largest privately owned solar farm. Beer powered by the sun!