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Meet Sunrun BrightBox™

Save more with a solar energy battery storage system.

What is Sunrun BrightBox™?

Sunrun BrightBox is a solar energy storage system for your home. Using Sunrun technology, it manages your solar power, battery power, and utility power to maximize your savings, day and night.

Why Sunrun BrightBox?

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Sunrun pioneered solar as a service to make going solar affordable to save homeowners money without a high upfront cost. Now we’re doing the same for solar energy storage. By using a solar battery storage system, you save money by using affordable electricity generated from your solar system. 


With BrightBox, we take care of everything from permitting to installation, while you sit back and watch the savings roll in. Unlike other energy storage options, BrightBox’s installation is simple and minimally invasive, just like your solar installation. That means no fiddling with your water heater or turning off your AC.

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Skip the line

You won’t have to wait — BrightBox is ready for your home right now. And, as a Hawaii homeowner who chooses BrightBox, you’ll be prioritized for installation by Hawaii's Self-Supply Program.

Sunrun BrightBox Payment Plans

Monthly Lease

You don’t need to be a battery expert or have a lot of upfront cash to enjoy the benefits of BrightBox. With a monthly lease, you put as little as $0 down. You'll enjoy all the benefits of owning your BrightBox without worrying about taking care of your system. Sunrun will monitor, maintain, and repair your solar system and solar battery for 20 years. 

Prepaid Lease

With a prepaid lease, you’ll pay your full lease upfront, which means no monthly bill from Sunrun. Then you’ll enjoy the same benefits of our monthly lease, including 20 years of monitoring, maintenance, and repairs for your BrightBox system. Just like our monthly lease, you’ll pay electricity rates that are lower than the rate offered by your utility company. 

Ownership & Custom Financing

If you prefer to take matters into your own hands, owning your BrightBox may be for you. Note that ownership may include some unexpected costs accrued from maintaining and repairing your solar system and solar battery. If you don’t have the cash but want to own your system outright, Sunrun has solar loan financing to help you to purchase your own BrightBox system. 

BrightBox Product Offerings

  Monthly Payment Upfront Payment
  Monthly Lease or PPA Cash Loan Prepaid Lease or PPA Cash
Who owns the system? Sunrun Homeowner Sunrun Homeowner
Who receives the tax credits? Sunrun Customer Sunrun Customer
Upfront payment $0 to little down None Full system price Full system price
Monthly solar payment to Sunrun To Loan Provider None None
Sunrun Agreement Term 20 Years None 20 Years None
Battery Replacement(s)        
Performance Guarantee CA   CA  

BrightBox Services

  California Hawaii
Batteries One per system Varies by system size
Battery Behavior Smart Energy Allocation Maximize self-consumption of solar energy
Battery Backup Partial Home Backup Receptacle