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Your Sunrun battery system just got even more rewarding!

Sunrun is proud to launch an exciting new program that rewards Puerto Rican homeowners for supporting the grid! PowerOn Puerto Rico optimizes a fleet of Powerwall batteries to help prevent power outages when the grid is experiencing high demand. Enrolled Powerwalls will push power to the home and grid while keeping custom backup reserve settings, helping the island stay energized while earning you exclusive rewards.

Here's how to enroll...

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How it Works

Earn Rewards

Keep Backup Power

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If enrolled, for one year your battery system will discharge to your backup reserve on days when demand is highest (up to 125 times over the course of the year). You’ll earn $1.00 per kWh used to power your home and the grid, giving you the chance to earn between $500 to $1,200 in rewards this year!

You maintain control of your battery backup. You will be notified of grid events, and be given the chance to opt-out or adjust your settings beforehand. In the event of a grid outage, your Powerwall’s stored energy will be fully available to power your home.

Open your Tesla mobile app and click “Virtual Power Plant” on your home screen. Review the program information and click “Agree and Apply.” Enrollment is capped at 6,500 customers, so be sure to apply for enrollment today!

What our customers are saying

Mark, Peak Power Rewards Customer 2023

"Certainly liked the Visa card. There was no impact on my lifestyle."

Michael, Peak Power Rewards Customer 2023

"Who doesn’t like getting money back on an investment? This one was pretty straightforward."

Pamela, Peak Power Rewards Customer 2023

"We as a family liked being a part of the big picture of using our energy wisely. "

Juan, Peak Power Rewards Customer 2023

"Although this summer we shared the battery power with the grid we still kept coverage on the fewer occasions we had outages. I hope the program will be expanded, not only because the money incentive helps covering the cost of the battery system,but also because it helps reducing carbon emissions even more."

Andrew, Peak Power Rewards Customer 2023

"Extra money without having to really lift a finger. Easy choice. 10/10 would do it again."

Here's how to participate in Grid Events

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To apply for the PowerOn Puerto Rico Program, open your Tesla mobile App and click “Virtual Power Plant” on your home screen. Review the program information and click “Agree and Apply.”

Your Tesla app will be updated if you are approved for the Program. 

If you don’t have the Virtual Power Plant menu option in your App, you may be ineligible, or the program enrollment has concluded. If you believe you are missing the application in error, please contact Sunrun at grid_ops@sunrun.com with your name and home address. 

Typically, your Powerwall charges from onsite solar energy and powers your home when solar is unavailable or if a power outage occurs. Your Powerwall recharges from solar energy the next day, or when power is restored. 

As a participant in PowerOn Puerto Rico, your battery will behave similarly to the current settings, and will export excess energy to the grid, earning you rewards. This benefit is in addition to the Net Metering credits that you also receive for solar power generation exported to the grid. 

During a grid event, your Powerwall(s) will discharge stored energy to your home and to the grid, up to your backup reserve. 

You will be notified of all grid events, and be given the chance to opt-out or adjust your backup reserve settings beforehand. If you decide you want to participate in all Grid Events you can set your reserve margin and it will stay that way for all grid events and you will not have to take any action as grid events are called. In the event of a grid outage, your Powerwall’s stored energy will be fully available to power your home.

In the event of a grid outage or an emergency weather event, all energy stored in your battery system will be available to you for backup power. Your battery will NOT discharge for grid purposes when there is an outage or weather event. Your Storm Watch feature will not be impacted by participating in PowerOn Puerto Rico.

Upon enrollment, you'll receive a reward payment of $1.00 per kWh for each grid event. That adds up fast! 

For each event, you can decide what percent of your Powerwall’s energy you want to reserve for backup power. 

With a backup reserve of 40%, your Powerwall can discharge 7.4 kWh, earning you $7.40 for the event. This amounts to $555 for an estimated 75 events over the year! 

The table below shows the estimated earnings depending on the backup reserve you set. 

Backup Reserve†

Total Estimated Earnings 

(75 Events)

Total Estimated Earnings 

(125 Events)
















†A small margin of energy is reserved to maintain battery health and inverter functionality, in addition to the backup reserve you set in your Tesla App.

Sunrun will validate your system’s performance and will distribute payments to you at most twice a year, on a bi-annual basis. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for additional payment details.

To obtain your gift card, please look for an email from SunrunSupport@mg.SunrunRewardCenter.com with the subject line: “You have a 2024 PowerOn Puerto Rico Offer reward that is ready to redeem.” Please follow offer claim instructions in that email.

Sunrun reserves the right to report all payments as income where required by law. Sunrun will accept all funds on your behalf from the Program and distribute them after an internal review. LUMA/PREPA will not be responsible for any compensation, refunds, or other payments relating to PowerOn Puerto Rico.

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