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From the Peaks of the Sierra Nevadas to Towering Casinos…

Home Solar in Nevada

Nevada Update:

Friday September 16th, in a 3-0 vote, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC) approved grandfathering for the 32,000 Nevadans who went solar as of December 31, 2015. 

This decision means that anyone who installed rooftop solar, or had an active net metering application before the end of last year, will receive retail net metering rates for 20 years. Grandfathered rates will be applied in the first full billing period starting December 1, 2016.  

This is a significant victory for consumer choice. People want solar, and they want security that their investments will be honored.   

We'd like to thank all our Nevada customers who have advocated on behalf of solar choice and consumer protection. Thousands of Nevadans will benefit. 

We at Sunrun will continue to advocate to re-instate solar net metering for all Nevadans."



From peaceful desert mosaics to towering casinos, Nevada is a fascinating blend of natural beauty and nonstop nightlife! It’s a high-energy state, for certain, whether you’re hiking the rugged peaks or rolling the dice. But the amount Nevadans pay for those electric bills is off the grid, so to speak. Maybe that’s why Nevada ranks 5th in the country in installed solar capacity—enough to power 135,000 homes1

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