Understanding Arizona's New Solar Export Rate Plan

If you’ve been following the latest developments in solar, you might’ve heard about Arizona’s recent change to their solar net metering program. Whether you recently signed up to be a Sunrun customer or are exploring your options, we’re here to shed light on these new changes so that you aren’t left in the dark.

What’s changing about APS’ (Arizona Public Service) new solar program? New rates for new customers. No change for existing customers.

Existing customers will not see a change

If your solar energy system has already been installed, the changes will not affect the way that you are compensated for energy that you send back to the grid. You will still be compensated at retail energy prices.

If you have already signed a Sunrun Customer Contract but your solar energy system has not been installed yet, please reach out to your sales rep to inquire whether these new rates will apply to you.

New customers will be compensated at a fixed rate for 10 years

For customers who have not gone solar yet, APS is replacing their current net metering program with a net feed-in-tariff or Solar Export Plan:

  1. Solar customers will be paid a flat rate of $0.129/kWh for energy they send back to the grid.  In comparison, the old program compensated solar customers based on retail energy prices.
  2. Solar customers will be guaranteed the set rate of $0.129/kWh for the extra energy they produce for the next 10 years.  APS has not yet set the rate for the years that follow.
  3. Customers that go solar after September 1st, will switch to Time-of-Use (TOU) rates.  TOU means that the utility charges customers different rates depending on the time of the day - times of high demand or peak charge (3-8pm) have a higher rate than low demand or off peak (8-3 pm) times.  

Should I go solar under the new program?

Rates may change, but solar savings are here to stay.

It’s a great time to go solar in Arizona! There are many options to help you save money on your energy bill and have full peace of mind about your energy costs for years to come. Here are a few ways you can go solar today:

BrightSave MonthlyTM

BrightSave Monthly is our most popular plan. With BrightSave Monthly you can go solar for $0 down and protect yourself against future energy rate increases. Regardless of how the Solar Export Plan moves after 10 years, you’ll continue to enjoy low-energy prices.  In fact, we will lower your rate from years 11-20.


Brightbox, our industry leading solar and energy storage product, future-proofs your savings. Brightbox intelligently decides when it’s most cost-effective to draw energy from your solar panels, your battery, or the grid. This helps protect you from unexpected rate changes and peak demand charges, while maximizing your savings.  Additionally, if the grid goes down, Brightbox will keep your lights on for hours.   

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